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I found this, while searching online for a way to stop my audio drivers from updating all the time.
Maybe everyone already knows this, but I hadn't found it before so it was new to me.

Previously I tried to do it through Windows Update Settings with no luck.

I can't say for sure that it works in Windows 10 TP.
I'm sure it won't when updating to a new version, but it might stop the minor updates from changing my sound and video drivers from the ones that work on my computer.

I can say that I did this about a week ago, I've had updates since then, and my sound hasn't stopped working.

I never though of starting with Devices and Printers.



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I never though of starting with Devices and Printers
I'm not sure if it makes any difference where you start or how you get there, if you end up in the same place and the computer ignores your settings.
You can just type
device installation settings into the search box and you'll wind up in the same location.
Still can't bypass the lock screen.
Still can't set a static IP address as we've been able to do for ions.
Safe Mode is still in shambles, but hey.....
At least we have Spartan.


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Funny I typed everything I could think of into the search box and couldn't get there.
I don't remember what I typed but obviously it wan't the correct thing.

I just typed in Device and I see the Devices and Printers listed under Settings I guess I didnt get that, that was what I was looking for.

Maybe you have Spartan. LOL
For me that works really strange, as I posted in another message, the icons at the top vanish as soon as I point the mouse at them.
I don't need to click or anything, if I just move my cursor down the row they disappear as it goes over them.

I can navigate through a few pages but there is no back button, and eventually other things start to go, until I have a blank screen with just the bar at the top, with no icons.

I do wish Cortana would start talking again, having her text the jokes just ins't the same.

I still have to hit the Shift Key to get out of Caps Lock too.

I'm hoping for better from the next build.


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