Succesful windows 10 installation...with a caveat!!!

Hi and I hope this brings to light some of the installation woes Ive seen from many users. The only tried and tested way I found to do the upgrade...IS TO DO A CLEAN INSTALL and to use the windows 10 ISO tool.

This requires also doing a clean install of the operating system you are upgrading...AH yes for those of you without the willingness to spend the unpleasantness of re configuring your settings and such ..I am sorry but for me I find whats more compelling is to just move on and get the install finished.

First I HIGHLY recommend that you back up your data!!
Second get out your win7 or win8 install media and reinstall the o/s (without any peripherals devices attached)
Third, DO NOT update the o/s but instead insert the win10 iso tool and start the upgrade.
When prompted during the upgrade... !-DO NOT download updates until install completed; and 2-DO NOT keep windows settings, personal files and apps; in other words make this a CLEAN INSTALLATION cause I believe Microsoft has not tested every conceivable configuration and JUST MAYBE yours has some bug they haven't tested and failure is imminent!!!
Well, there is my 2 cents and for the record..using my method I have had NO problems doing the upgrade...just had to spend some time reinstalling my apps (programs) and desktop settings. Hope this helps:)


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Happy to see you have it installed and working for you... Welcome to the forum btw


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Glad you got it working, and yes, Clean Installs solve lots of stuff. But, there are 2 things that we've seen here on this forum and other forums I volunteer on that cause the upgrade to fail:
#1: If the Win7/8/8.1/8.1.1 computer isn't running healthy to Microsoft specs prior to the upgrade, or doesn't have enough free space (at least 9GB free) on the hard drive prior to the upgrade, W10 isn't going to work at all, will generate an error message code, or will just hang or freeze and never complete.
#2: If you are doing multiple upgrades, you need to really pay attention to running the free Microsoft-provided W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST here: Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10
This test utility is included in every copy of W10 internall within the installer program, but can also be run separately to check if there are programs or malware or outdated/incompatible drivers that would cause the W10 installer to fail. People who know about this such as professional computer repair techs know to run this program first. Correcting the problems found by the Compatibility Tester utilitiy allows the upgrades to proceed in about 90% of the cases. This program has been around for many years, all the way back to Win98 and XP; very few home users know that they should be running it or that it even exists!:rolleyes: Several reputable online e-zines such as PC Magazine & PC World have commented that the majority of people who fail to run this utility often fail their 1st attempt at a W10 upgrade. It's well documented.

For other forum users with failed W10 upgrades, this post can let you in a little-known secret, and get you going again. Then if the upgrade still fails, you can try the above Clean Install as mentioned.


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