Windows 10 There was an error decoding this link...

I'm running Win 10 with IE 11 and Outlook 2010.

If I click on the links on some emails, I get the message: There was an error decoding this link. Please try the link again, or contact the sender of the email.

This seemed to start after a Microsoft Support Engineer helped me get rid of the message "What app do you want to use?"

I stopped getting that message, but now I can't open any links on emails from two senders in particular. I contacted one sender and found messages from other users who are having the same problem. No mention of a fix. (Can't remember the name of the other site.)

Can anybody help?


Windows Forum Team
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If you hover over the link it should show the URL can you copy that here or does it contain and %## in it?

Try turning on Windows Firewall if it's off. I have read on different sites that some users have had issues with mail and windows updates when runnnig an AV solution with a built in firewall and Windows Firewal is turned off. Seems like the problems started after build 10586

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