This Keyboard is Driving Me Nuts!

A friend just gave me a new laptop as a gift. It is very nice except just keyboard does what it wants to do,

The cursor disappears on me, the screen scrolls everywhere, it does what ever it wants to doo!

Can someone help me?

I have tried everything

Hi Chris! What make and model? Has it always been this way? How old is the laptop?
Is it still under warranty? What does "I have tried every thing" consist of?
Are you using the touch pad? Have you tried to change the way your touch pad works? Try a wireless mouse.
Control Panel-Mouse.



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the screen scrolls everywhere
sounds like a driver issue... have you got ALL the updates?


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Could be user error too. Lots of people tend to hit the touchpad with their palms. If the touchpad uses Synatpic there are settings that can be adjusted to help alleviate some of this.


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I'd add that you should use a WIRED-MOUSE to test your laptop, not a wireless one. Also, you should go into Control-panel and disable your Touchpad for this test. If your laptop is working correctly, your touchpad should be able to be disabled, and ONLY work with a wired-mouse such as a usb mouse. If not, your laptop is defective and needs to be serviced and or replaced under factory warranty (1 year in most cases) as mentioned above.


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