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    I'm on win7 Ultimate 64bit & i have developed a problem. I cant install the win7 visual C++ 2008 update SP1 as i get Error code:643 every time.

    This also prevents me from installing nero as that also tries to install a version of win7 visual C++ 2008 & gives an error at that stage & then closes itself.

    I've googled about & some suggested a reinstall of my OS which is not an option as i would lose to much.

    Really need help on this as im out of options of what to do :cry_smile:



    Update on things.. Ive gone into cpanel n uninstalled all the Visual C++ files which i only had 2008 redist sp1. I continue to try install 2005 version & i get this error..

    Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation assembly.
    Please refer to help and support for more information.

    I tried the registry option found on google but i dont have those entries shown.
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