Will I Lose all of my music if i upgrade

hi guys
Beacause i have Vista now and i have iTunes.... i was planing on doing the upgrade.
and i was wondering if i do the upgrade will i lose all of my music and will i have to re-install iTunes...

PLEASE HELP MEEEEE:confused::confused:

can i get an answer please??


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As far as I know when you do the upgrade all programms and files are kept! I just dunno about the settings of Windows. But actually all your music should stay. I would recommend to backup all your music on an external hard drive or use the Vista backup. If you have a big hard drive I would recommend to do the Complete PC-Backup. So if anything happens just re-install Vista and run the Complete PC-Recovery and all your files and settings (I have no idea bout the programs) will be back.


Yeh, I did an upgrade and all my files were kept intact - although you will probably have to re-activate itunes with your account when you re-install it. Besides that, the only issue is finding where the files have been moved to (if you are using one drive that is). Probs best to create a partition or get a seperate drive for your music / videos etc.. saves so much hassle:D.

Yeah, back in Vista Beta I did it and it put all of my files in Widows.Old so this should work for everyone, you will have to go back through
Computer>(Active Disk)>Windows.Old.(Whatever you want to access)

This is what the release notes say
MP3 files

When MP3 files are added (either manually or automatically) to either the Windows Media Player or the Windows Media Center library, or if the file metadata is edited, several seconds of content may be permanently removed from the start of the file. This issue occurs when files contain thumbnails or other metadata of significant size before importing or editing them.
To avoid this, ensure that all MP3 files that may be accessed by a computer running Windows 7 (including those on removable media or network shares) are set to read-only. To do this, in Windows Explorer, find the files, right-click them, click the General tab, and then select the Read-only check box. Then back up all of the MP3 files prior to using Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center.
If some of your files have already been affected, you may be able to recover the data by using the Previous Versions feature. To do this, right-click the file name, click Properties, click the Previous Versions tab, and in the File Versions pane select the most recent previous version.

O.K., now that lots of time has passed and many have installed windows 7 over visa, what has been the experience with iTunes? My Win 7 DVD is in the mail. I have some 2000 plus songs on iTunes and I do not wont to lose them.:frown: It would make sense for MS to anticipate this, and for Apple to to the same. I have the latest version of iTunes. And it should be seamless, as this will affect millions of purchasers of Win 7. But then Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have monumental egos that have clashed before.:rolleyes:

Well let me answer that for ya rich, since no one seems to read these boards. NO, you will not lose your music. Uninstall iTunes, and after the upgrade reinstall it from the apple website. Your music will be there, along with all your playlists etc. At least, that's how it worked for me. No problemo. ;)

I agree with richstacy, I did a clean install of 7 then when to itunes and downloaded the new software and my music was all there.

If you want to play it safe, in iTunes there's a button "consolidate library" which puts all your iTunes songs/movies/etc. into one folder - which can then be transferred to a external hard drive.

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