Windows 10 repeated crashes.

Windows 10 is terrible i'm just going to come out and say that right away, I wish I had never upgraded. windows 7 worked just fine I have no Idea why I upgraded. I've been having a plethora of problems and Microsoft doesn't seem too keen on helping me unless I pay them ungodly sums of money (for a McDonalds employee). So first of all my problems started with minecraft. I've been having awful lag that I wasn't getting in 7 if the modpacks I'm playing run at all. but that's not what I'm taking issue with, my main problem is that when I tried to roll back to 7 because of these problems It was not nearly as simple as I was lead to believe by microsoft. In fact it's downright impossible, I tried their prescribed method (which I can't even do now as there was a limit of 30 days that I was unaware of) that didn't work, it told me that I needed to delete all users added after I updated... I created the only user on the system well before I updated. like when I first got this pc up and going.

So I tried to contact microsoft, I used their thing where you can chat with them and work through your problems, well that person basically dicked around for an hour did nothing to help me and said that it would be 100 dollars to fix the problem, I don't have 100 dollars to fix a problem I was assured I wouldn't be having in the first place. now windows can't update for some stupid reason. so every so often It shuts down with no warning. just black screen. (clever windows, get rid of the bsod and just make it go to black screen how could people talk about the bsod if it doesn't exist!?) also because it can't update every so often it will go into this "I'm gonna update I'm gonna update, well maybe not, well let me just waste another 10 minutes trying to roll back that failed update" thing It's excruciatingly annoying. anyone have any advice? Mostly I just posted this to complain I'm not gonna lie.


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Did you call Microsoft or did a window pop up saying that your computer needs to be repaired press this button?

I've had two friends in the last couple of weeks who got this message, and after going through the whole thing were told it would cost them a hundred bucks, when they said they wouldn't pay their computer became unfixed again.

I was able to fix both of their computers using Malwarebytes.

Anyway to fix your problem, backup everything on your computer that you don't want to lose, and reinstall Windows 7.

If you don't have a Windows 7 install disk you can download the ISO file here...

Windows 7

It will ask you to put in your Windows 7 product key on the download page.

You will need to use software like ImgBurn to write a bootable install disk from the ISO file.

The Official ImgBurn Website

I have to add that I've had very little problem getting anything to run in Windows 10, even my old games from the 90s like Tomb Raider seem to work.

You probably don't want to do this but you could try doing a clean install of Windows 10 the same way.

If you have already had it installed all you have to do is log in with your Microsoft account.

Either way you'll have to reinstall all your software.


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Actually I used their text chat tech support. It didn't tell me it needed to be repaired. I appreciate the advice and I will have to try that I can't believe I didn't think about downloading a copy of 7. No I don't think I want to reinstall 10 I should have waited until everything was worked out my computer is a few years old, so they probably aren't focused on fixing problem affecting it, I don't know. Thanks again though.


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When I did a clean install and disabled SLI, I have not had a blue screen or any crash since. I don't play Minecraft but all my games have caught up to windows 7 performance.

Windows updates have been very smooth for me. If you didn't clean install it should solve all your problems to do that. I don't think the upgrade really worked out for many people but windows 10 is stable.

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