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Here's where I'm at... Kind of a retro feel although windows which aren't highlighted retain the aero border, which I don't mind really.. Although it's getting better I'd still like to see a bit more in being to customise the GUI almost to the point of the stardock themes (I think it's called stardock and they just one of a few customisation programs, I'm not sure if they are even still around.)

I have to admit that I do change my desktop frequently until I find something that I really like. Then it will perhaps stay that way for a few weeks but never any longer...

Here's Mine..
Nothing Fancy, Just Clean and Simple :D


Thats pretty digging the taskbar! Mind sharing?
I used the icons called "Token" by brsev on deviantART
Token by ~brsev on deviantART

And for the start button
Download the attached RAR file, it contains the .bmp files you need to replace.
I hope you know how to do that.
If not click the below link.
Start Menu Button - Change - Windows 7 Forums

Here's my desktop. Check out my windows experience rating, anyone got better scores here :(
get another HDD the same as the one you have and run it in raid0 that'll increase your score or a newer larger HDD with better cache

mine are at 5.9 for a raid array on the onboard Marvel controller


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New Theme Red.....:cool:

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Edited my old desktop due to liking the style of shagomac's desktop....cheers

Oh, mine next! Mine next!

Here's mine, babes.


@HLve howd you get an apple logo in the system screen was it just an oem.bmp in the windows\system32 folder was it

@HLve howd you get an apple logo in the system screen was it just an oem.bmp in the windows\system32 folder was it

I'm using Ave Styler and SlanXP2 for themes... it did it on its' own.



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New desktop...:rolleyes:

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What is that clock you have in the lower left corner?

New Wallpaper.

Cool new wallpaper found on google image.


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ahhhhhh look out its a bleedin holden fanboy

Here is mine I use Stardocks fences to hide icons, I also use object dock and winsteps for the strt bar which is modifies to colours of my choice same for start button

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