Windows 7 refuses to totally reset - help!


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I am trying to factory reset my Samsung R519 laptop (running Windows 7 home premium) in order to recycle it but have encountered a problem: once the Samsung Recovery Solution 4 utility has finished using the 'initial computer status' recovery option and the system reboots, I still get the Windows login screen in my user name and it asks for my password.

Once logged in there is a folder under: computer/local disk/Intel/Perflogs/Program files/Users/Administrator/ with my name and a padlock on it - although all folders are clear of any personal data and everything else seems to be at the original factory stage (i.e. starter software, Office trial etc.). In settings I can sort out the user name (to 'blank' or whatever) and also clear the password to none but upon restart the named folder still remains. This is very annoying – any thoughts please as to how to sort this?



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Most manufacturer restore utilities will have a soft and hard reset options. The hard, or destructive, option is what you'd need to use to wipe out all the data