Windows 7 won't shut down - help!


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Asus M3a32 MVP Deluxe WiFi - Also cannot shutdown

As posted above, my board will also not shutdown, or restart properly. I am running Windows 7 OEM. My issue appears to be the same as the various people who have already posted. But here is my scenario anyway:

Once I choose the Shutdown or Restart option, it appears as though it shuts down properly, with the exception of the fans, and possibly my hard drives. Although even the fans are receiving barely enough power to spin themselves. It stays in this state of barely alive, until i manually flip the power switch to my power supply. Once that is done I am able to flip the power supply switch back on, and boot normally into windows.

Note: Until I manually flip the switch on my power supply, the buttons on the front of my case (The reset button, and the Main Power button) do not work at all.

I have also attempted the latest BIOS Rev from Asus to no avail. the problem persists.

It appears that this issue lies with Asus and not the new Microsoft product. I have posted this on the Asus forums as well.

For the time being I have also had to turn off my automatic updates/installs, due to this issue. That's actually how I found out I had the problem. There was a Windows 7 update which required a reboot and my machine stayed in this half awake state for an entire day as I was at work. So I have had to change my update status to "Prompt me for Installation". Hope things get addressed soon.

When my systems locks during shutdown, everything stays fully powered; Win 7 is the culprit here.

I have found that when I don't pay my power bill my computer shuts down automatica

Hi Dan, It's not just ASUS motherboards apparently having this problem. I'm running an old ECS M848 motherboard and have the same issue. That's why I came here.. I guess I'm hoping that some sort of fix from Microsoft will correct the issue but it sounds like I might need a BIOS update and that sucks on an old motherboard. Thanks for your post.


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I was really hoping this would fix my problem but no such luck. I'm running a MSI k9n2 Diamond motherboard with the latest BIOS (v2.4) and all the fans and lights continue to run after a shutdown. HELP!

I installed Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) as an update to Vista. All works fine except that the only way that I can stop it hanging on shutdown is by starting Task Manager and ending the Windows Mobile Device Centre 6.1 Process, wmdc.exe. (This did not happen before I installed Windows 7, only since). By the way, mine is not an Asus motherboard; it's a Foxconn P9657AA-8EKR2SH. It's a manageable but irritating situation. Any suggestions?

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Ryan Callahan

It's the stupid windows firewall...can't believe they don't fix this.


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I have solved my shutdown/restart issues.

So my previous post on page 3 of this thread outlines the details of my issues. In addition to my previous post: Yesterday I completed a windows update which required a reboot of my machine. As per usual my machine shutdown the OS properly, however it failed to shut of my fans, hdd's, and LED's. So I went through my usual process of flicking the switch on my power supply causing a complete shutdown and the machine finally went dark. Flicked the power supply switch back on and hit my power button on the front of my case "NOTHING"! my fans would barely spin up, my hdd's sounded like they were barely spinning as well, and the LED's were giving me the occasional blink, but the machine would not even POST, no matter what I tried. It seemed to me that the machine was getting just enough power to spin some stuff up, but not fully boot. Today I went out and purchased a new power supply and went through the ugly process of replacing the old one. My Machine is now 100%. I can do updates and restart without issue. I can shutdown with no issue. Everything is working as it should.

So for all you people out there who are experiencing a complete OS shutdown; but the machine itself will not complete a restart/shutdown... it might just be your power supply. It might be worth having your power supply tested, or you could just take a chance like I did, and drop the cash on a replacement.

My apologies to both MS, and ASUS for any possible misgivings I may have portrayed. You both make fantastic products.

I should move that tip to my doc about identifying your problem. I had it listed in my blog:

Problem: Windows shuts down, has trouble booting under Win 7 but was ok under Vista/XP.
Solution: If I could solve even a few of the problems that cause Windows to crash I would
be wealthy and famous... but there are a few likely suspects: 1. Your power supply is
inadequate... you may have added more hard drives or a power hungry graphics card and when you
install Windows 7 your PS couldn't cope. 2. Your bios needs new firmware 3. Your cmos has
something misconfigured for Win 7. Look through your cmos menu for something incorrect in
the memory or perhaps it has floppy drive selected and you have no floppy disk. Google
resetting your cmos to factory default and try that.

It's the stupid windows firewall...can't believe they don't fix this.
Well done Ryan - you're a genius. I switched off Windows Firewall (having Eset Firewall running on my PC anyway) and now Win 7 shuts down perfectly.

It's still a puzzle to me why stopping wmdc.exe before shutdown worked, but I guess I'll never know. The main thing is that the your solution works brilliantly - thank you.

Windows 7 Shut Down Problem

I hope this helps some of you with the shut down problem. I have been annoyed with this problem as well and tried everything from MS tech support to all the recommendations found on this thread and others. Eventually, I thought it may be a problem in the registry (even though I have a fresh install). I decided to get the registry booster by Uniblue. I ran the scanner and found a whole host of registry issues (with a fresh install?), but that alone didn't fix the problem. It wasn't until I ran the registry defrag tool. After that my system works great! Windows should build into their OS a comprehensive set of registry tools!

Anyway, I hope this helps others.

I have an Asus IPIBL-LB board with the same issue. I do not have a power management option either on the above fix......why do some of us and not others?

Office 2007 locks up a bunch for me too.

Solution to shutdown problem

I have found the answer to the problem. My default install of Windows 7 (Professional) has the Firewire control set so that the computer cannot turn the device off to save power. When Windows shuts down, it cannot turn off the firewire (IEEE 1394) controller and hence hangs.

Simply solution for me anyway ---

Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Select IEEE 1394 Host Bus Controllers and select 1394 Device.

Right Click device -> Select properties -> Power Management Tab

Check the box -> Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ( Mine was not checked by default)

Windows 7 now powers down fine.

I am not the OP - but i do have a asus p5b-e with latest bios and 8800 gts



Re: P5B-E Same problem here....

I had a similar problem the other day, i told it to turn off, i came back a few hour later and it was still saying shutting down, so i turned it off by holding the button, hasnt happened again since, im also using windows 7 64bit

Have you's tryed repairing windows? or installing a fresh copy?

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