Windows 10 Windows crashed, need some help.


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This morning when I booted my computer I got a message, "Your computer did not boot correctly, starting repair".

It then went to a window that said "Repairing" after a minute or so it rebooted and started the whole thing over again.

After messing with it for a while I decided to just restore from my system image.
The restore process went smoothly and when done it rebooted and I received the same message again.
I was right back where I started, so...

At this point I booted into the advanced restore options and ran Refresh.

That worked but put me back at the point of reinstalling all my software again.

At one point during the process I think it asked me if I wanted to boot into a private account or and administrator account.

Thinking that Administrator was the safer option I selected that option.
It asked for my password etc, and the process completed successfully.

My computer boots fine, but now it boots directly into the Administrator account.
No boot selection screen no password screen and no user selection screen.

Once I'm logged in I can log out, get the option screen, and select my user account.
It then boots into my setup with all my preferences etc, back to normal.

OK, now for my question.

How do I get it to either boot to my User Account, or at least give me the option screen so I can select my user account to boot into?

I've looked at User Account Settings but I don't see any options as to which account it boots to?

I don't want to disable the admin account or something that makes it unbootable again.

I'm about half way through installing all my software again, I'll finish that up tomorrow.

Any advice appreciated.