Windows Essential - I Want Movie Maker but not Live Mail 12

Jim S

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I recently updated my PC from Windows 8.1 to 10, and all programs are working just fine, including Windows Live Mail 11 (part of Microsoft Windows Essentials). A long time ago on an earlier version of Windows, I upgraded WLM 11 to WLM 12, only to learn that groups of email addresses (called Categories) do not work in WLM 12. Because it is essential (no pun intended) for me to send email messages to a number of groups, I went back to using WLM 11 and have been happy with it ever since.

Now for the problem: I will be taking a class tomorrow on Movie Maker, which is also a component of Microsoft Windows Essentials. I thought it would be a good idea if I installed it prior to going to the class, so that's what I started to do. In the midst of the installation, I noticed that after installing Movie Maker it was about to install WLM 12 over the top of my WLM 11, which I cannot allow to happen for the reason stated above. Fortunately I was able to abort the installation and roll back to WLM 11 before WLM 12 replaced it. I'm wondering if there is some way to install Movie Maker without installing WLM 12. I chose only Movie Maker from the choices of Essential components. The installation decided on its own to include WLM.


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Choose custom install un check anything you don't want to install.

Jim S

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Even with custom install it's not possible to uncheck Mail during the installation if an earlier version of Mail is already installed. The message issued during installation says, "Any existing Windows Essential programs will be closed and updated automatically to the latest version."


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You could do another fresh install of WX on a new blank partition and install the lastest WLM here without touching the older copy on the other build... Assuming you have the hdd space to spare?

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