All kinds of BSoD's

Only getting BSoD's when either playing League Of Legends or streaming through Openbroadcaster Software while playing League Of Legends. I attached everything mentioned in the "How to ask for help with a bsod problem" thread to the zip file.

I actually thought it was a problem with my ram so I bought new ones. I reinstalled windows multiple times so basically every driver should be up to date. I don't know what to add, I didn't really do anything else until now.

I appreciate every kind of help.

Thanks in advance.



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Well the memory settings look good, but with that voltage and that multiplier you're pushing that processor a bit too hard. Return your system to factory stock defaults with respect to your OverClocking and then if Blue Screens persist, attach new dump files to your next post along with new CPUz screen shots.
Additionally you may want to catch up your board's system firmware with a BIOS update from here after confirming that link is actually correct for your specific board and revision number.


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You're overclocking the CPU at 4GHZ. The core is likely unstable. Are you aware of the overclock?

Yes I am indeed aware of that. A friend of mine had overclocked it before I bought it and he said it's fine like that. It was stable for one year now.

Anyways I returned it to the factory defaults and updated my bios firmware, no bluescreens until now but I have not been playing/streaming so I will keep an eye on that and get back here.

I have a last question: I really notice the difference between stock 2.8 and 4 GHZ so I would like to have it at 3,2 or 3,4 at least but I have no idea about overclocking. Can you tell me how far I can go with the processor to be stable?

Thank you.


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There are guides and sites dedicated directly to overclocking, but it is a roll of the dice. Some people buy extreme edition processors to unlock the multiplier. I can't tell you what to set it at. Some processors that have been revised are more conductive to overclocking, some would say, while others are not. This is an area that will require a lot of research for you and your specific build. However, once the processor is toast, the whole system is usually a throwaway, so I would be careful about going to those extremes.

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