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Ever since I got my new 3440 by 1440 monitor I've had a problem with some Photoshop Cursors being corrupted as well as the fact that many windows for older programs look kind of fuzzy because I have to set the default type size at 150% in order for it to be large enough to read.

I can live with the slightly fuzzy type in some applications but the messed up cursors in Photoshop are a pain.

After a week of trying things that were suggested by posters online at Adobe sites, like deleting the Prefs file or reinstalling Photoshop again, I finally found a suggestion that I would never have come up with on my own.

I changed the setting by setting the default type size to 150%, you only have a choice of every 25%.

But this post said that the problem was that it's set to 150%, which is what I need to easily read the type.

Well the answer was to set the default size back to 100%, and then go to another option window that lets you type in a custom size.
I did as suggested and set the size to 149%, and believe it or not, the cursor problem went away, and not only that the fuzzy type in some of the program windows cleared up!

Live and learn.

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