Windows 7 AVG Internet security 8 uninstall makes blue screen crash


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Jan 28, 2009
i was trying the new AVG internet security 8 that suppose it support windows 7 and after installing it , i found it not user friendly at all cuz it was so hard to find how to unblock programs that was auto blocked , and cuz it blocked the windwos update , every time i try to uninstall it i get the "famous lovely windows" blue screen crash and memory duping and restart.
i hope there is a solution to this problem . or any idea how to get ride of AVG without reinstalling windows ..
P.s. i couldn't make post at AVG fourm cuz it need to register first and somehow i couldn't find the registeration icon on the website :D maybe they are so dumps or maybe i am too blind to see the hidden icon AVG Free Forum
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you could try ccleaner - and see if its remover will uninstall avg without the bsod, but its unlikely...
have you tried running the uninstaller in safemode? (no idea if that would work)
is there not a training mode within internet security so it doesnt block everything that loads?

personally i run the free standard anti virus edition and just use the windows firewall its just so much easier.
any cleaner that use the AVG uninstaller do the same blue screen
yes i tried on safe mode :(
use "Your Uninstaller", it will load the avg uninstaller, but if you click cancel, then Your Uninstaller will do it by deleting it straight from the registry and shorcuts
Use "Uninstall Tool"

I had this very exact same problem, get uninstall tool, select avg and click "Force removal of all traces" I did this and it will work.
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