blank screen when booting from usb

Hey everyone,
I'm trying to reinstall Windows 7 onto my Acer Aspire One 722.I made a bootable usb flashdrive and made sure that usb is the first one that boots up.The problem is that it's just a black screen with a white cursor.I've done this in the past before and never had this problem.Any suggestions? I'm completely lost at this point.


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If the cursor is in the upper right, it probably means the boot was directed to a point with nothing to boot into.

Could you describe your process for making the flash drive?

Are you selecting the flash drive from a boot device menu or just setting it as primary?

How old is the laptop?

Do you not have any Acer factory reset options?

I used Windows 7 usb/dvd maker.I selected the ISO and just followed instructions on the screen.It's 2 years old.I don't think I have the factory reset settings because I installed Windows 8 on it about a year ago.It might just be a bad flashdrive because I tried installing a different OS on my desktop and it did the same thing.

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Do you know if you were running Windows 8 as UEFI or in a secure boot mode?

If you do have your bios set up for UEFI, the DVD maker will not create a bootable Windows 7 version for UEFI. You might want to change the bios settings, or try making the Flash Drive again. I normally just use Diskpart to set up the drive, then copy the files from the .iso over. If you can't copy them, you might just burn a DVD and use that or load the DVD and then copy the files.

But make sure you are using the boot device menu and choosing the version of the flash drive you want to boot.

I'm not 100% sure on the first question.I gotta check that after I get off of work.I might just burn a cd but I also need an external cd drive.Netbook doesn't have a cd drive

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