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I am trying to migrate Win 10 from a 1tb partition on internal drive C: to a 128gb internal SSD. I am using EaseUS Total Backup Ver. 8.2 to do this task. EaseUS suggests that you back up your documents, music, video, & pictures folders to a separate drive then erase all of the files in those folders.

I have tried to copy those folders to a separate 2tb internal drive G: When I select the files in one of the sub-directories mentioned then migrate to the newly created drive G:\my drive c backup, the copy and paste function does not work. I have tried to drag and drop without success; ctrl-c and ctrl-p without success; Home-select all, copy & migrate to destination drive and then select Home-paste. Nothing works.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Ed Wood


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First, just a comment. Is there any way you could upgrade to a larger SSD. I am thinking about future upgrades and making sure you have any necessary space available.

If this on folder is the only one you cannot move, possibly some of the files on that partition are protected media files?

Could you describe the layout of the 1TB drive, or attach a picture of the Disk Management window?


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My goal is to have only the OS on the SSD and not all of the associated files. I would like to have the other files on my internal 1tb HDD.

I guess I was trying to copy too many files at one time. I was using select all, then copy, then migrating to the 2tb drive, to the new sub-directory, then paste.

When I tried to move just ten files/folders at one time, everything worked just fine. One would think that a box with an Intel i7 coprocessor with 16gb of memory could handle a simple copy and paste job of 533mb, 852 files and 55 folders, but apparently not!

Thanks for your suggestions.

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