Cant exit safemode


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I need help.... I have a virus/malware/idk and idgaf, but it needs to be removed, i cant open windows defender, or the start menu.... I cant do anything with powershell or command prompt, because everything i find online doesnt have EXACT cmd line strings that i can copy and paste, they just say X;\<path>/blahblahblah.... i need exact copy paste strings.....
its drive C.... and its a basic windows 10 x64 OS, so with those facts, can i get something that will help?

I booted into safemode, not knowing that it would require a password, that i dont know, because i have used my pin for the past 2 years with windows...
MSdart 10 wont let me reset the password, and I cant exit safemode to try to run an antivirus. I cant install antivirus, because I am trying to use a cracked version(I am not paying for something) and windows defender works well enough to block that, but not let me access it to try to remove the virus....
this is SUCH BS.