Desktop freezes when idle

Hello, guys, just a brief post to give some ideas as to the cause of this annoying problem. I've got a HP laptop which came preinstalled with windows 7 64. Never experienced the problem until I wipe out the OS to install a new SSD disk. It may be that the SSD disk itself is the source of but I also suspect some Windows updates. My desktop that it is also running windows 7 has also experienced similar symptons (BSO and lockups) when resuming from sleep mode again as a result of installing another sandforce based SSD. But again could it be just some windows 7 patches going bad. I definitely think it's a problem with the operating system and that the update hypothesis is a strong suspect.

I hope this help.
Windows 7 and/or updates are not the cause of any issues whatsoever.

If you've had bsods, we will fix them very easily if you make a new thread in the bsod section of the forums after checking the sticky threads there.


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Hello guys,

my Dell Studio laptop also has the same symptoms. It might have something to do with the hardware, but if it has to do with a wide variety of hardware configurations, then Microsoft has to check and solve it.
My laptop is brand new and everything runs smoothly when it's not idle. When being idle for about 15-20 minutes it freezes. If I wait about 3-5 minutes, it comes back to life - every time.
I have set everything in the power options to "never", except the monitor (laptop monitor is somewhat harder to turn off manually). This seams to be a widely spread issue and I'm disappointed that a multi-billion company like Microsoft won't fix a minor bug in their latest and very expensive operating system.

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your average Windows 7 / 64bit user.

My System looks something like:
DELL Studio 1734.
Intel Core i7 620M.
6 GB DDR3.
Some ATI Radeon Mobility Video Card.

Had same symptoms with my Vista upgraded to Windows 7 HP desktop. After reading some other forum websites with others having the same issue, I followed a repeated solution: Upgrade my video drivers to the latest version, in this case, installing ATI Radeon HD5XXX display drivers. Have left my computer unattended many times now and have not had a single freeze.

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