DHCP fails. With static IP I can ping but HTTP fails.


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Thanks for the further suggestions.

chkdsk reports 0 kb in bad sectors. "windows has checked the file system and found no problems."

msinfo32 lists afd as follows:

started=no, start mode=system, state=stopped, status=ok, error control=normal, accept pause=no, accept stop=no

Any idea how to make it start?

I will also look into trying a system restore...


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Open regedit and go to this location:


Then check and see if the BootFlags, Start, and Type are all shown as 1

You have also checked the Network Store Interface Service and the TCP/IP Protocol Driver?

Edit: I just noticed the listing for AFD shows the "Accept Stop" option shows as NO, where mine shows as yes. Pause shows as NO. Maybe this happened in some troubleshooting step, but it does show the settings are not default.

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Does anyone think re-registering the dhcpcore.dll would help?


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At this point I suspect that earlier suggestions with respect to a system restore (not likely, but maybe), a repair install (far more likely), or my own personal favorite a clean install would like resolve the issue much sooner and actually with less effort probably.
This seems to be one of those cascading problems were you address and fix an issue immediately in front of you only to find the the next layer under that one needs repair also, and on and on, like peeling back an onion. You may get lucking in short order or it may be a long, arduous and frustrating journey.


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Network Store Interface Service and TCP/IP Protocol Driver are both running.

AFD BootFlags, Start, and Type are all set to 1

I only have one restore point from 8/11/13 not long before the power outage. I can try it but it may be that the corruption occured before then and just did not manifest until the reboot from power outage as PC typically runs weeks without rebooting.

How do I reregister dhcpcore.dll? Any other ideas?



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system restore crashes with BSOD


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You would register the dhcpcore.dll with the following command in an administrative command prompt.

regsvr32.exe dhcpcore.dll

If you get an error, there are some comments about starting the command from another folder for a x64 bit system.


The fact a restore attempt will cause a Blue Screen is not a good sign.

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