Windows 8 If the Start button returns with Blue, will you use it?

Will you use the Start Button?

  • Yes! I want the Button back where it should be.

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  • No! I like windows 8 the way it is.

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Rumours are rife about the return of the start button with the major update for Windows 8 called Windows Blue. Due for release sometime in the summer this will see further options for customisation of the Start menu too:

One of my sources confirmed this is now looking like the plan and added that Microsoft is also considering bringing back the Start button as an option with Windows Blue.

Microsoft's Windows 8 Plan B(lue): Bring back the Start button, boot to desktop | ZDNet

If the Start Button is returned, will you use it?
I've used Windows 8 with out a start button for 6 months and just recently have been using some 3rd party software that added the start button by Stardock. I now have the look and feel of windows 7 with all the benefits of Windows 8.
With a start orb or without a start orb I think I'll continue to manage just fine either way. My problem might be in providing general help to forum users generally. "Click the start button"... "I don't have a start button".
Might be difficult to hit the ground running with a helpful reply to a problem if there is no general consistency across platforms. So the question might be, how will this be deployed if and when it does come to pass? Will it be an option at installation, will it be something you can easily switch to after installation, will it be a hybrid deployment similar to some of the third party options that people are already using?
"May you live in interesting times" ..... I think we do! :)
I highly doubt the return if the start button would mean the return if the actual start menu, since Blue is supposed to be working toward alienating the traditional desktop even further. For that reason, I could care less whether I see another start button in my life, especially considering the area where it used to be serves the same(ish) purpose.

And haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potato but my Surface RT actually had a physical touch capacitive Start button.
If it's just to toggle back and forth to the start screen they still aren't going to satisfy the people that want the traditional start button with programs and power buttons.
I'm not so sure.. Boot straight to desktop, Start Orb and all the other pretties we have been hearing about it sounds like they want to give users what they have been asking for. I read an article saying that the original devs for windows 8 are against or dislike the return of bits of Win 7. It's said that word came down from upper management that the changes were gonna happen regardless.
Also isn't this just history repeating itself? XP and Vista were both awful to use until service packs came along. I know it's not actually called a service pack but that's pretty much what it is. We haven't seen any major changes to a operating systems GUI via updates since the XP days but just look what it went and did for that os..
A more gradual transition in features from W7 to 8 would have prevented a lot of these problems.. Kind of like what they're trying to do with 8.1 except the fact that nobody still knows how to use W8 in the first place..
The real problem is most desktop and many laptop users will never have or want a touch screen. Putting back a Start obr that simply toggles between Start and Desktop is not going to please that many of them even if they can boot straight to the desktop. The touch interface is not intuitive to a longtime Windows user and many hate having to relearn how to use a computer. Remeber a lot of these people simply use a PC as a tool and don't spend time at computer sites. First impressions count for a lot when selling a product. Most people that have no idea about the change are shocked and annoyed by the changes and tell their friends about the mess.
Another article by Mary Jo Foley seems to confirm rumours:

I take this as yet another confirmation that Microsoft is moving toward make the boot-to-desktop option and some kind of Windows Start button a part of Windows Blue. I don't know if these options are likely to be available across all Windows 8 and Windows RT SKUs (or just Pro and Enterprise, which is what my Windows Weekly cohost Paul Thurrott is hearing.) I also don't know if this Start Button will just be something that brings users directly to the Metro Start Screen. But I'd be that's far more likely than something that would bring them back to the old Start Menu.

Personally I see this as only a good thing. Will I change the way I use Windows 8? Probably not but then again I'm used to the GUI and actually quite like it. Could it be better? Sure it could but that's what updates and service packs are all about. I think probably the best bit of news is that Microsoft are actually listening to customer feedback.


Reading between the Microsoft CFO lines on Windows Blue and the Start Button | ZDNet
Having used ModernMix and Start8, I am convinced that they would only be doing a service for a large number of their users if they fully restore the Start Menu, and allow windowed-mode Modern UI apps running on the desktop. Stardock got it completely right with this mix. They have purportedly worked with them in the past, and I do not see why they would not or could not do it again to bring these features back into Windows. Once you are 1) not on touch screen and 2) have the start menu, the next logical conclusion is that you realize you can run the Modern UI apps on the desktop and they behave virtually exactly the same, with no loss in performance. Once this is realized, the whole idea of the Start Screen comes into question as to what the point really is.

Now you would have the option to run either way. Personally, I have to say that having the Start Menu and the features of ModernMix to run Modern UI programs on the desktop in windowed mode is the ultimate solution for me, and I would even consider using such a platform with a touch screen-enabled device. I do not see any reason to limit consumer choices in this area.

I suppose returning the button itself would be kind of pointless as the full menu is needed at the very least for many users. I identify this issue with people who continued to need to use classic shell when Windows XP came out just to get around (they found the interface untidy and difficult to manage). I believe it is more-so evident in this case and they really should just come about face, look at what Stardock has done, and license it into Windows. They have done it with defrag and a bunch of other features so I don't see why they wouldn't do it here. Start8, alone, is listed as the #1 desktop customization program on CNET. This should say a lot as to what people are upset about with Windows 8. Outside of this issue, the operating system works and functions great and is far more stable and reliable than even Windows 7.
Some more news on Blue:

Previously in build 9374, a "Kiosk" mode was uncovered that allows the device user profile to be locked down to a single app – this is now called "Assigned Access". Another change in the new build is app settings that allow users to choose an app that can show alarms on the lock screen, meaning there's a good chance app-specific notifications and alarms will flash on a locked device similar to the way messages surface on Apple's iOS. So far existing Windows 8 apps do not support this feature.
What still hasn't made an obvious appearance, despite recent reports, is the revamped Start button for desktop users that only leads to the Start screen, and the boot to desktop mode. Microsoft is reportedly still working on that, and could be in place by the time the Redmond company supposedly launches the Public Preview during BUILD 2013 in June.


Fresh Windows 8.1 Leak Reveals Even More New Features
When I go into Windows 7, I find it awkward looking for what I want. I guess I have used windows 8 for long enough now that I have grown accustom to it and it seems much easier for me to use.
Microsoft castrated many User Customizable Features starting with Vista, then destroyed more with Win7. Seeing them complete the operation in Win8 was predictable. I doubt that any reappearance will still allow users to easily customize their Program Menus and Submenus to the degree that's most productive TO THEM. It's easy to see how little Steve Ballmer and Windows managers actually use their product 'outside their own little box'.

In all likelihood I will still use Classic Shell, but I'll give it a try and see if I can use Windows 8.1 without an add on first.

If it's just to toggle back and forth to the start screen they still aren't going to satisfy the people that want the traditional start button with programs and power buttons.

In 8.1 it can be set so the Win button goes to ALL Apps screen which is the same as ALL Programs instead, of the Start screen; being on the taskbar & going to ALL Apps is the only difference to using the Win key in Windows 8. I, still, prefer having an Applications windows on the Taskbar... saves changing screens & I like the View & Sort I can select better than the ALL Apps screen type of display & arrangement. And Shutdown (Shutdown/Restart) has been added to the Power Users menu, instead of using Charms.

Oh & people will like that it can, now, in 8.1 be set to boot directly to Desktop. Saves hitting the Enter key.

Personally, I see no more need for adding 3rd Party start stuff w/ 8.1 than I did w/ 8.0, maybe, even, less. I saw no need w/ 8.0

There are a number of other cool enhancements w/in Windows 8.1
To mention some...
Search is improved, PC settings streamlined & it is faster than 8.0. Also, comes w/ IE11 & that has been improved over IE10. Greater customization & flexibility to Tile & App sizing (Snap) and finally more can be done w/ backgrounds including having consistency, similarity, from Desktop to the other screens

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