Installed on wrong hard drive

ok, so here is an update. turns out that windows 10 was looking at things wrong i guess, turns out the ssd is 32gb, the model is samsung ssd pm830 mSATA 32gb.

that should be big enough for windows 10 to install on, right? so my original idea that it should have installed there is correct?

system is still super slow, when i went to accelerate a drive it only had the option to accelerate the hdd. the 8gb drive showed, but couldn't be used. then I disabled the acceleration and was trying to get it to accelerate the 8gb drive. there was some option on the 8gb drive that i clicked and then it disappeared and now it shows up as a 32 gb drive, it also now shows up as a 32 gb drive in the device manager.


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There are some installs that would use such as drive as dual purpose. Possibly why you only saw part of the drive.

Can a 32 GB SSD be used to install Windows 10? Physically yes, but I would not advise that unless you were going to use that OS to just play and not a primary install. Such an install would not be able to be upgraded since it would not have enough available space on the drive.

On my system, I replaced the 32 GB drive with a 250 GB and moved the OS install to that. Currently this install takes up 100 GB of the 250 GBs..

hmm. well now every time i try to accelerate that drive i get an error. also, i'm just going to assume that windows 10 isn't supposed to be 4 times slower than 8.1 ? that's not an exaggeration, startup takes 4 times as long as it used to and the programs are all very slow to open. this computer used to be quite fast, now it takes 1-2 minutes for even youtube to load up. chrome takes forever to load up at first, sometimes it's over 2 minutes before i can get it to do anything, then another minute or so for a page to load. sometimes the mouse won't respond to inputs and then just goes crazy registering all motions and clicks at once.

is there anyway to just go back to 8.1?

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so update, i managed to get intel rapid storage to work, but it didn't use the whole drive (32gb). when i look at it is shows 19gb (18.6 really) used as cache and 11gb used as data volume.

when i would try to use the whole 32gb as a cache it would give me an unknown error. any ideas why this is so?


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All I could imagine is the drive was set up a specific way and had not been reconfigured to make all of it available.

Anytime you enable or disable acceleration on a drive like that, give it time to unwind.. May take a few seconds or a few minutes..

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