Internet connection drops frequently

I am frequently getting disconnected from the internet on my laptop. After 5 mins of use, the connection drops and I have to switch off and on the router. I am using a Wireless router connected to cable internet.

I am finding this only when I connect on Windows 10. There is no interruption when I use it on my tab. I doubt if there is a virus problem, but, couldn't spot any threats. Could it be the router? I need your help.

I am using the router, Linksys EA6900, and the ISP is Acanac cable internet with 15/1mbps internet speed.
I hope that I have been enough information. I'd like to get some help here.



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Does the laptop disconnect completely from the network or do you just lose connectivity? If the latter please run this script when it fails and upload the results. Network Diagnostic Information


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While you're running neemo's diagnostic and posting it, you might try plugging your laptop in directly to your Linksys router via Ethernet cable (Cat5e or Cat6) hardline. If the dropoff problem abates, you could have a problem in your laptop. Could be virus/malware infection, windows registry corruption, outdated or scrambled wifi network adapter driver, or faulty hard drive. You would then need to test your hardware and apply software solutions to correct as here: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar.

If the dropoff problem persists even with the hardline Ethernet cable plugged into the router, next step is to remove the Ethernet cable from the wifi router, and also disconnect the wifi router from your ISP cable modem. On the back of your ISP cable modem there are 1-4 yellow RJ45 ports which provide Ethernet output for a single computer or multiple computers. If your Modem has only the 1 Ethernet port, use your Ethernet cable from previous test, and plug your laptop DIRECTLY into the back of the Modem and retest. This removes the wifi router completely from the picture. If the problem abates, it's likely your router has failed and you must replace it as you suspected. :waah: At that point it's worth doing a factory reset on the router. If the problem abates after the reset on your laptop and reconnecting the router to the Modem, it was just a setting or a virus in your router. At this point, remove the Ethernet cable from the router, and reconnect to the router via wifi and all should work correctly! :up:

If your problem is still there after trying the above, it's likely to be a problem within the laptop itself and you can troubleshoot that with the link I gave you in my first paragraph to narrow down the problem and fix it.

Best of luck,:encouragement:

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