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Windows 7 Mate aWNDA3100V2 with Linksys WRT54GL


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Dec 2, 2009
I use a verizon hotspot to connect to internet. I use the Netgear WNDA3100 usb adapter to connect to internet. I have a home network setup hardwired with Linksys WRT54GL router. If the Linksys is powered up for the network the WNDA 3100 will not work?. Why can't the network be on and get internet at the same time. Do I have to change a setting in the linksys?
Thanks for any help you can give me, I'm going nuts.

It does sound odd - from what you describe I cannot think of why there should be a conflict. Suggets you examine the ipconfig to see if it tells you anything - goto a command promt and enter the command:

ipconfig /all

Post the output here if you'd like help interpreting it.
Pic 1 is the N600 running by itself,Pic 2 is the network linksys routerturn on at the same time as N600
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All clear now - the two networks, the wireless and the wired lan are using the same subnet addressing - 192.168.1.* That means they are conflicting you cannot have two networks on the same subnet as obviously your pc doesn't know to which one you are referring. You need to change one of them to use them concurrently and as the hotspot is presumably beyond your control the only solution is to change the addressing structure on your router. That will involve changing the address of the router itself - if your using dhcp all other changes will be made by the router in allocation addresses. You could make the router for instance.
OMG Thank You very much for your support, changed the linksys to and all is working. Seems a little slow but that might be my hotspot speed. I need to go back and look at the pic to understand the problem better. I going to setup a Radmin remote connection soon and if I have problems is this the place to ask questions?. I know I will have to do something like portforwarding.

Your the Greatest patcooke
Looked at the pic pat and do not understand where you picked that
I "picked" that from the fact that in the first pic your wireless adapter is showing a default gateway of and in the second picture your wired network is showing a connection with exactly the same defauly gateway - two identical networks connecting to the same pc - can't be done.
You can always return with other networking (or anyother pc problems for that matter). Sound like you might befit from some deailed explanation of some of the terms and principles involved in managing LAns. Off to bed now (2.40am here) but will pick up on any further posts you make.
Starting to actup again, not sure what is wrong. I have to shut home network off to get n600 to work?
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When you enter the ipconfig command please add the parameter /all to show all details as follows:

ipconfig /all
The "lease" on your netgear wireless connection is only for one hour. The lease is the period of time for which the router allocates the connection - it will then have to be renewed. This may be causing connection problems. You should configure your router to have a longer lease time - most routers will allow a setting of never expiring - if this is not an option you should at least set the lease time to be much longer than for an hour.
Not sure where to begin,could the verizon hotspot be setting this? . I have the problem as soon as I boot the computer up for the day,don't think the time is a issue
No -unless the owner of the router has been incredibly unwise aigurations which should be causingnd left it open. There is nothing in your conf a problem. Are you saying that the entire problem has recurred and as soon as you connect to one network the other one crashes? One small thing you can still do is to disable IPv6 on both your wired and your wireless adapters - it may well not be causing a problem but you should elimintae the possibility before looking elsewhere.
Good Morning
I did turn off the IPv6 on both adapters with no change. Here is what happening, I start the computer and the home computer works perfect. I plug in the WNDA3100 to a usb port and turn on my Verizon hot spot. Its shows I'm connected to both networks with no problems. My signal bar is a 5 , when I open IE nothing happens,little arrow just spins like its looking for the page. If I power my linksys the page will load? If I power the linksys back up loose internet. Its like the hardwire network take first grap if both networks are running.
I did turn off the IPv6 on both adapters with no change.

Did you turn IPv6 off before or after the latest ipcongig listing you posted as that list is still showing IPv6 addresses assigned.
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After Pat, this is driving me nuts.Problem somewhere and can't find it.