Windows 7 Mate aWNDA3100V2 with Linksys WRT54GL

zplugger: try using only 1 network at a time--using 2 networks on your laptop simultaneously is like when I used to wear a belt & suspenders at the same time (my Students used to make fun of me!). I suggest you use the Linksys wifi network IN YOUR HOME as you should get faster speeds than using the hotspot. Turn of the hotspot, and reboot your laptop and access the Internet through the Linkys wireless LAN connection. If you are leaving your home, and you are in an office environment, public place, or a friend's house that's where you'll really need to use the hotspot for Internet connectivity.

BIGBEARJEDI :computer:

Starting to actup again, not sure what is wrong. I have to shut home network off to get n600 to work?
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Hello BigBearJEDI
Not sure what you mean by Linksys wifi network? The only internet connection is with my Hotspot,I use the linksys on home network. Not sure how to get my linksys to connect to Verizon HotSpot. What you said sounds good,but don't know how.
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