Need help deciding on 2 components for new pc build


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I'm limiting my pc use for a few days.
Medical appointments are increasing to 5 a week at the moment.
To top that off I just had my right armpit cut open by the e.r. dues to some sort of bacterial infection that looks like huge mosquito bites without and a entry spot on them.
At first they stung like a misquito bite, but then they got bigger and painful.
The e.r. cut them open and stuck gauze in the cut openinfs.
Now it hurts worse then before I went there.


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ussnorway: Have you tried the clean install with the Nvidia driver or tried running DisplayDriverUninstaller in safe mode, before installing the new drivers ?


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its not a software conflict from old drivers... Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 10 enterprise and older builds like v1511 and v1607 so other vendors like Nvidia and Adobe have no option but to drop older WX builds as well

if I want the lastest Nvidia drivers (which to be clear are the exact same drivers I have now with a new date stamp) then I must first allow Microsoft to run updates and bring my systems forward... I have tested the current build | drivers and was not impressed so Microsoft | Nvidia can F-off

my WX build is 16299 (September 2017 )... the current offical build is 17134 (April 2018 Update) but my systems get no advantage from this build because the hardware is too old to run | need any of the newest things

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Yeah, All i've really noticed in all the feature updates is fluff and a update here or there.
I personally think the first version of Windows 10 was the best.
I'll bet they stopped listening to the insider's after the first release was over.
I'll bet in the next feature updater or soon after they kill of support for AMD FX cpu's and Intel Skylake cpu's.


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My arm's starting to feel better. Now it only bothers me when I sleep or first wakeup.
Hopefully tonight/tomorrow morning is the last of that as the bandage and gauze stuffing bet's taken out.,


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Arms' better after the gauze was removed from inside it this morning.
That was the first 5 hour's of today
Then at 3:30 the bad news started rolling in.
Apparently, I was right, I have P.V.D. (Perifial Vascular Disease), but that's not all of it.
Aortoillic Disease.
The Venyicular Surgeon's office that did my 2 ultrasound's and treadmill test last week sent a copy of the result's to my podiatrist, who gave me the news today.
It kind of sound's like I could literally be a walking dead man.
He said I'll need the stents either now or really soon I'll need by-pass suregery soon, too and some other procedure soon, too.
He also said to keep my copy of the report close to me at all times, so I'm not giving the wrong medice or treated for the wrong thing.
He also, layed out there that I could be doing anything and just drop for good.
I guess the funny part of it all, is that my smoking cigarettes isn't the cause of it, as my cholesterol, triglyceride's and blood pressure are all normal and not high at all.
He stated my diabetes as the cause of it all.
Apparently from what I readup online about it, it's the cause of my severe fry sking in my lower legs and feet.
Now, I get to do the fun part and warn my family.

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