Need help deciding on 2 components for new pc build


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Wheel arrived a few hours ago.
Liking it so far.
I need to contact Logitech Support on a few things.
1. How to get the wheel & shifter led's to work and match my other Logitech keyboard & mouse red blinking colors.
2. To find out where the start button is on the wheel.
3. Then to uninstall & reinstall N.F.S. Most Wanted & DiRT Showdown.
N.F.S. Most Wanted says I need to set the wheel up in the game options, but that message doesn't disappear so I can do just that.
DiRT Showdown crashes since I installed the wheel, updated it's firmware and restarted my pc.
Hoping new installs of those 2 fix it.
Then it will be on to finding good wheel settings for all my car games.


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AMD released Crimson Andrenalin 18.2.2 drivers sometime yesterday.
Download link: Download Drivers

3DMark scores with new drivers:
Default O/C:
Time Spy: 4340 down
Fire Strike: 11757 up
Fire Strike Extreme: 6036 down

1430/2150/060 O/C:
Time Spy: 4621
Fire Strike: 12430
Fire Strike Extreme: 6361

I just noticed that I did a good one and missed a motherboard software update for a day shy of 3 weeks.
I've only been really waiting for a newer UEFI update, since Intel released newer Meltdown/Spectre patches 2 weeks ago.
I didn't bother paying attention to Asus's Dual Intelligent Processor update's date, as I thought mine was up to date as it was updated sometime in October or November.
I installed the new one released on 02/01/2018 and my power plan is back to itself not needing me to resset it at every startup and/or restart.

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