Windows 7 Need help for Daily BSOD Crashes


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Aug 2, 2013

Ive been having daily BSOD crashes or windows totally freezing up on me where the only thing i can do is press the reset button. This usually happens about 3 times a day from the first time i switch on the computer before the problem goes away.... for the day.

I have attached the required items for anyone who can decipher them. Also, while running rammon, i noticed i only have 2gb of RAM available whereas i have 4 gb installed. Is there something wrong?

Would appreciate any kind help from the experts here!

Thank you.


I'd add that the crashes happen randomly, even if i power on the PC and not touch it after, it could crash after a few minutes.

I'd appreciate any help! thanks!

Since the majority of the .dmp files seem to indicate a problem with your Video Card, I would start there.
Address potential driver corruption first. Use something like driver fusion to remove anything associated with your nVidia DISPLAY drivers.
Grab the latest (non-beta)driver from nVidia and do a custom install and select the Graphics Driver Only..... no 3d, physix, etc., for now.
If Blue screens still persist, grab some monitoring software and take a look at your system temps, paying particular attention to your GPU under load.... there are any number of graphics software like furmark or uengine out there you can use to load it up.
Additionally consider you Power Supply, make sure that it is up to snuff for delivering the necessary amps to run your video card properly.
Lastly, if it's an option, try swapping it out with a different card, maybe borrow one from a friend, neighbor or relative or buy one from a local retailer that has a forgiving return policy.