Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT driver update problem

I'm having problem with BSD. i'm running a Xfx 8600gt, in a asus P5N-D MB, 2 GB rams in dual channel, pentium core2 2.8 Ghz. a clean install of out of the box Windows7-64 bit Ult, downloaded all patches from MS.

here's where it gets strange. if i running windows 7 in "default" theme it i"drops the driver" and crashs in about 30 seconds, if i run it in "windows classic" theme it seems stable.
i've tried several different drivers... windows7 default. nvidia vista's 64, and windows7-64

any thoughts?

The user allowed windows to automatically download updates. Contained in these updates was a driver for a video card. The user did not pay attention to the updates being loaded within the list. When the updates finished, the system rebooted and the duel displays no longer worked. The user found that the monitor was showing up in the display properties but no second display in the monitors.

It is very important to make sure that when allowing Microsoft updates to download and install that the user should take the time to review what has been suggested by Microsoft. Not all drivers or updates are need.

The solution to the problem was corrected by downloading the original drivers from the manufactures website. Once the drivers were reloaded the duel display was restored. The user just need to check the box to use the second monitor as extended in the Display properties box.

Timothy Kirk

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