Question about Password Expired message?


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I've never had my computer tell me that my Microsoft password has expired.
But this has happened to a friend of mine.

What's this all about, I think there is a way to tell it not to have your password expire but I don't know how to get to it.

I'm guessing that mine is set that way, I want to change his so it doesn't happen again.
Right now he's stuck in safe mode and can't log in because of this, but that's in another post.

I looked online and I see people posting about this but not how to stop it.



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I've spent a lot of time looking for this, but I can't find anything that addresses this after Windows 7.

In earlier versions you could type....

net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited

....into the run window but I don't know if this would work in Windows 10 and I don't want to tell him to try this not knowing if it will work or not, though I'm guessing is will just tell him that it never heard of the command.

I've also seen images of a screen that has a check box that lets you do this, but I can't find an equivalent in Windows 10.

So far it seems that you make this choice when you install Windows 10 or it picks it up if you upgrade but there's no way to changed it once it's set, which seems kind of strange.

This seems like it wound be something they'd let you change your mind about.



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Hi Mike,
  • By default a Windows id account password NEVER expires i.e, the email username and password is the main account for w8 and above... you can change this password manual if you want to;
Goto this Microsoft page Microsoft account | Home and sign in using the Microsoft id... then follow the links... I have to warn you but, this is a major frig about because it changes the password on EVERY Windows device your friend owns and any purchase he ever made from Microsoft
Screenshot (195).png

  • A w7 machine will have a local account and that gets carried across when you upgrade to wx... the old local account will keep whatever settings it had before and that could be anything... did he have an Windows server perhaps? A fresh wx install will remove that old account or you could roll back to a pre-install image to fix the password issue.
  • You can view/ change the current account settings from wx control panel/ Administive tools/ Computer Management... note, the controls look/ are different with a local vs Microsoft Id but if you take a sreenshot we should be able to give clear steps ... Good luck mate.
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His problem is that when he upgraded to Windows 10, his password must have gotten set to expire.
This forces him to change it.

Recently he had his password expire when he had booted into safe mode without networking, (which would not let him use his pin number) so he couldn't either change his password of access his computer.

We had to restore the computer to get it out of safe mode so he could log in, using his pin.

Now he wants his password set so it doesn't expire.
As you said every time he has to change his password it changes for both his computers.

I'll look through your stuff and see if this will get me to the screen that lets him select password Never Expires.

OK, I found it on my computer, I'll call him on the phone and lead him to it.

Thanks for the help.


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