Windows 10 Reinstalled windows 10... will not activate!

Ralph Bromley

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Okay so today I was having some major issues with windows 10, apps were taking forever to load and i did a defrag and after some more issues i decided to reinstall windows.

But for some reason i keep on getting a error 0xC004C003.

So windows 10 as of now is unactivated, I had a valid key and I thought with UEFI this was not supposed to happen and that my key was linked to my hardware.

And its not like I changed my hardware, its the same hardware as before!

And I was able to do a fresh install before what the hell???

I hope this doesnt mean my windows 10 is toast or heads will bloody roll


Windows Forum Team
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Try opening a command prompt and type slui 3 and enter your key that way. If that doesn't work you may need to call, you can try the self activation hotline. Type slui 4 and follow the prompts.