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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Tutorials' started by jerbru, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Purchased Acer all in one touch screen PC with Win 8 installed. The UI is ok, big learning curve.

    My problem is with setting up accounts and emails.
    I followed the confusing instructions for setting up microsoft accounts. I think.

    Problem is most emails come through but some with the same address do not show up anywhere. There are 3 Places to look for emails. The desktop, Carole's emails and Carole live.

    Very confusing.

    Any suggestions?
    Should I start over?
    Just return everything and look for a used XP?
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    I guess it depends on your email address and what you use to receive them. If your meaning your microsoft Outlook or Hotmail account then you can use the mail app already supplied with Windows 8. You can also add other accounts to the mail app by opening the app and then clicking on the cog wheel:

    mail settings.

    You'll then see a list appear:

    mail options.

    Click on 'Accounts' and you can then add a number of different accounts depending on who they are with:


    If you don't see the option to include your account say from an Internet provider then you'll probably need to try a third party email app such as Outlook which comes with Office or try Live mail:

    Windows Essentials: Other Programs

    This comes under the package of Windows essentials and you can check off which application you want or don't.

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