Sound not working, "could not find the MEDIA device"


Okay, so I got a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5545 laptop from a friend since she got a new one and didn't need that one anymore (she was about to throw it away so I rescued it). At first it had Windows Vista 32bit installed on it, and I formatted it and tried to install it over again. The result was laggy, and I couldn't get the graphics drivers installed (it refused to do the installation) so it had bad resolution. I didn't like that.

So, I decided to install Windows XP Professional 32bit with SP2 to it. At first there was alot of trouble since the installation program didn't recognize any of my disks. I did some research from internet and I had to make a slipstream CD with the SATA drivers combined with the Windows CD. Then it worked and I was able to install WinXP.

But after I got into Windows, I noticed it didn't have sound.
I tried to install audio drivers again (dowloaded them from Fujitsu's website), but I get an Error saying "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver."
So it's not helping.

There is no "Sound" icon at the right of the taskbar at all. There is No Audio Devices in Sounds and Audio Devices Properties; Volume, Audio and Voice tabs have no devices available.
On the Hardware tab there are:
- Audio Codecs
- Legacy Audio Drivers
- Media Control Devices
- Legacy Video Capture Devices
- Video Codecs

In Device Manager there are no yellow shoutmarks at the Sound, video and game controllers.
BUT there are yellow shoutmarks in Other devices: Globetrotter HSDPA Modem, and PCI Device

I tried to install missing drivers with Fujitsu DeskUpdate: Automatic driver update -program, but it did not make any difference.
I've crawled around the internet trying to find a way to fix this problem, but nothing has worked so far. It just won't work, so I'd need a little help from you fellas.

And now I gotta say, that I don't believe the soundcard is broken. A friend of mine used to have an Acer Aspire, it also had WinVista at the beginning, but he installed WinXP to it immediately when he got home. It worked well for few years, and then - BANG, the sounds disappeared. Just like on my Fujitsu, except on my laptop the sounds never worked with XP. We re-installed WinXP on his Acer many times with zero results. Then we installed Win7 and the sounds worked fine (but the computer itself was fairly slow, it didn't seem to be able to handle Win7).

Help, anyone? I've wasted nearly three days trying to solve this mystery.

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Well the original driver page is gone, but I did find the audio should be a Conexant CX20549
This page seems half way legit, but use at your own risk:

Also you'll want to make sure you have XP SP3 installed, with all updates. XP did have an issue with certain HD Audio drivers, and updates resolved it at one point.


The page you linked gives me "Error establishing a database connection" when I click the download button.

But I've tried to install the Conexant CX20549 driver before, which I downloaded straight from Fujitsu's site, but I couldn't install it since it gives me the "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver" and closes the install window.

I just upgraded XP from SP2 to SP3, and will start downloading the updates now. I hope it shall do some good, I'll be back if it does or not.


WOHOO! It works! The sounds finally work! :up:

I had to install the whole WinXP again since I messed it up by updating to SP3 wrong way. After I installed the WinXP again, I downloaded SP3 update from Microsoft's website and after installing it, it immediately recognized the sound device! I downloaded drivers for it and now it works.

Wondeful, Josephur, thank you so much! You can't believe how happy I am, I can't even thank you enough to express my gratefulness hahaa~!


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No problem I'm glad you sorted this issue out :)

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