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Here it is mineeee


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My latest. Like to keep things minimal so I hide all the crap in the added Quick Launch bar.

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If you mean the CPU meter, its a home made jobby, based on the Windows CPU & the GCPU meter I found. Based on a company called "Classic Instruments" stuff. Yet to finish off the "normal sized" though.


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I think this is a cool thread and as much as I like the idea of this, I would be really interested in more unique customizations of the desktop. I'm not overly familiar with the in and outs of Windows 7 or even Vista. I'm not sure if it's even possible in the OS, but I think it would be fun and interesting to learn new things and be able to witness some really unique designs and adopt/ merge aspects from each and create our own desktop layouts. Is full customization of the desktop and such possible with Win 7? Maybe I am just more of a Linux guy.