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Re: my desktop

those wallpaprs are great stuff. where can i find some cusotm wallpapers for my windows 7 home edition?


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Re: my desktop

Thank you mitchell_A :)

Re: my desktop

This is my current desktop for XP. I'm using ViOrb, which changed the XP start button to the Vista/7 Orb.

Anyone know how I can fix this? :rofl:


Another one from my Misc. Themes, Windows Windows wallpaper/theme pack.



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My latest viewing. I've posted about the steampunk widgets elsewhere. The cpu meter is my own sidebar gadget and can be found on deviantArt.


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Dwm 2011-07-14 00-28-54-57.jpg


here is mine for month of July

Here is my desktop, not near as cool as what you guys have.

Awww, that is so sweet. Thank you. I love my desktop wallpaper, I have the slideshow enabled. It goes through over 2000 images, it changes every 5 minutes, so neat.

bassfisher, that is awesome looking.

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Mine - Windows 8 like Desktop :)


My new desktop with both start menus screen shoted.

New Desktop.jpg

These next 2 are from my "Misc. Themes" "A1 Firefox"



Here be mine. Not much to see .....move along :p

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