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I noticed that you change up the theme of the taskbar, and your start menu isn't obviously or stick out. Looks neat, not my cup of tea, but that is the great thing about doing it your way, if you are happy that is all that matters. Good job 34....I feel like I'm talking to a borg, 34 of 40 LMAO


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Here's mine at 15 Aug 2011

^I have the same desktop as Bobbydav but I dont know how to post screenshot in this type of forum.:(

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Press Prt Scr key, then open Paint and paste (Ctl-V); the image should be seen. File>Save as to say your desktop and then when ready, click on the icon in the top of the reply box which says "Image" when your mouse hovers over it - follow the prompts.


Thanks!, Well Here my Desktop!


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Awesome nmsuk, you run duel monitors. I am glad to see that I am not the only one doing that.


My desktop as it is now.


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Battlefield 3 for days, son..
Current Desktop.jpg
(too lazy to fix the aspect stretch)..


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Also forgot to mention if anyone is interested, that the bar across the top is Objectdock by Stardock, a FREE download. Helps keep the desktop from too much clutter.


Just something simple at the moment.


Here is my Linux Desktop
I am playing around with Linux Zorin is the version as it has a windows type look and feel.
I now have triple OS machine Vista 32 bit on one hard drive, Windows 7 64 bit on another and Zorin Linux 64 bit on another

Heres mine. Nothing special. Just clean. I hate icons. Haha.


Just joined the forum in the middle of the work to post this screenshot :)
Here's mine

Here is mine. It's an image from my screensaver. Does anyone love it?


It's kinda small. It has been a while since I posted a new shot of my desktop.


Not the most impressive desktop, but still functinal for me.


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Festive Time! This theme consists of all holiday pictures.
temp.jpg :D


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In keeping with the Season.
Merry Christmas to All.


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It's the season

Marry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Christmas Desktop.JPG

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