Well I finally did it!

I think it was the interface (GUI) that I was talking about.

So with every OS after Vista, I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird.

As for Ghost, it was a great program till Symantec Started to convert it to a Windows program, from its original DOS program.

I still use the DOS version, which is pretty much the way it was originally written.

I've used it a lot this week. I was given a five year old Compaq that needed some extensive remodeling. So before I got too deep into it, I made a quickie Ghost Backup to the second partition. Then when I tried to install SP3 and it went haywire, I just did a quick Ghost Restore to put things right again.

Then I wanted to move the whole setup off of the old IDE drive and onto a new SATA II drive, so I called on Ghost again to do a Clone. That worked GREAT!

A week never goes by, that I don't use Ghost at least once.
Even after all these years and so many attempts to best it, Ghost is still without equal.

OT :cool:


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I use the Windows 7 Backup and Restore. It works great, but I found it cannot delete individual files from the backup. I have to restore all files, delete and backup. This is a real pain. I have always used Ghost to clone drives, but no more.

That's what Ghost was used for in 1997, when it first arrived in the US.
I worked in a small Computer and Printer repair shop and we used Ghost for cloning small hard drives to larger hard drives. Most people were still using DOS in those days and very few people were doing backups.

I'm not so closed minded that I've not tried the Windows versions of Ghost, Acronis True Image, and several other so called backup programs that shall remain unnamed. But I've always come back to the one program that just works, when others have failed.

For a secure backup procedure, the Backup and Restore program must not be on the main hard drive, in fact, its better if it's not on the computer at all.
When I make a Ghost backup of my C: drive, using my Ghost boot floppy, the program will ask me if I want it to put itself on the DVD, thus making it bootable. So every one of my Ghost backup DVD's is also a Ghost boot disk.

I don't intend to keep defending a great program that I've used reliably for 14 years.
I won't mention it again, on this forum.



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Anyone having problems on this thread. When I try to open it, I see the OPs (Mike) thread for about two seconds and then the first five posts vanish!!!!

Later. After this post, I was able to see the whole thread again.

The last two posts before this one were both numbered #24. Ain't that weird?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

OK, now I see the post numbering has repaired itself.

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