windows 7 manage user accounts blank pls help

I installed windows 7 into a new hard disk and created 105 user accounts. From accounts 1 - 100 I can see manage other user accounts (1 - 100 only),but If I log into 101 - 105 and try to manage other accounts I can see its blank. I enabled the built in administrator account even with that account the manage user interface is blank. Could somebody please help me to solve this issue? I create all accounts as administrators.


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Interesting question / issue.
I've never heard of a local user account max number limit but of course I've also never heard of anyone creating 100 + local user accounts on a workstation either.
Is this 7 Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate or another flavor?
If it is pro, ultimate or enterprise have you tried using the local user manager snap it rather than the one offered in Control Panel.
just click start and type
and hit enter
How much space do you have on your C:\drive even a minimal user profile can still take up a bit of room and a C:\ drive that is near full may account for some weird behavior.

Thank you for trying to help me. I have a especial requirement to maintain a lots of accounts on this hard driver. 2 days ago I installed windows7 into a 80GB hard driver, now 50.4GB free of 74.4 GB. I have installed only a virus guard no other programs are running.
I did lusrmgr.msc and checked , I can see all users including the built in admininstrator are on the administrator group.
From 1-100 accounts can access the manage other users. When I try from 101 - 105 and built in administrator manage other users is blank. Also from 1-100 accounts do not show 101-105 and built in administrator (if I try to manage users from 1-100). Windows version is Windows 7 Professional.

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