Windows 7 Windows Explorer problems?

I'm Not going to pretend to know what I did Because I have searched Google, Yahoo and ask for an answer to the error I have created. I will Now Explain the Problems I have experienced with this phenomenon.

  • Game Save files missing
  • two different versions of windows explorer[WE]
  • Saved files of multiple programs non existent or can't be found
  • files from one version of WE not available in other
  • Green outline around files and programs of second version of WE
  • Second Version of WE can only be accessed by programs that save onto WE2 from WE1
I don't know what I did, But I can't copy files over because they read as missing, and if I try to save them to a flash drive or external storage device it says disk write is protected when I do know that Disk write is not protected.
Simply put I want to remove WE2 and Have everything on WE1 again like it should have been to begin with. does anyone know how to fix this or know what causes this error? It has been bothering me for a week now with no efforts finding the solution. So I know ask you as my efforts are exhausted, what is this problem and what causes it?


Yes, okay, Laugh at the noob asking a googleabe question that hasn't been answered yet. that sure shows maturity.

Okay. I lied it's not googleable because I tried googling it. I really need help and I am still searching for an answer and still have yet to find one. some help would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes, okay, Laugh at the noob asking a googleabe question that hasn't been answered yet. that sure shows maturity.
I don't think anyone is laughing. I just think no one has an answer.
That doesn't look much like a Windows 7 (normal) desktop so I assume you have some sort of shell overlay that is creating that tiled look for you.
What I would try first is probably booting the machine into safe mode and see if you still have the same symptoms with "file explorer".
If not then it is probably some third party software product that is producing the issue.
You'll need to boot back normally and then perform a Clean Boot as described here
and see if you can zero in on the offending program, process, or service.


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I agree with Trouble. You probably have an explorer program / screen program running. Try to check what programs you have installed lately, take out anything that's not necessary. We have more and more of different attachments, you don't need to know what you may have installed - with a cold hand, get rid of everything new. That's my advice. Then install again, careful to read what maybe comes with.

I once installed something like this, it was supposed to be tremendous... I couldn't find anything anywhere!

No one in right senses laughs at a noob, and a noob making a question is valuable. How would anyone know there is a problem, unless someone reported it! Questions make the way for answers.

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