Windows 8: Good or Bad?

Unfortunately Windows 8 WILL BE a total failure. Yes for BOTH desktop and mobile. 100% sure about this.

Here's why, it's just TOO LATE, iphone and android have been dominated the market for so long and to make things worse when people hear the word "windows" they don't like it. Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 are awesome OS even better than android and iphone combined in my opinion, but unfortunately nobody pay attention to it! No matter how awesome the OS is, if nobody use it -> FAILURE!.
Windows 8 may stand a chance if they change their name to something else e.g: xPhone or xTablet
xBox is successfull, if their name was Windows Box, then I'm sure it will fail.
Remember, many people thought some group of people are "anti-microsoft". WRONG, they are "anti-windows". xBox is great and believe it or not, a good amount of people who own xBox didn't know it was produce by Microsoft!

For desktop users, forcing them to use metro start menu is totally insane. It seems people are not able to comprehend a simple fact. User's "First impression" is probably one of the most important factor to determine the success of a new design. Yes I know, if you spent hours or days on Metro and eventually you'll eventually get "used to" it. Unfortunately, most people WILL BE disappointed the first time they use windows 8 on a PC computer and they WIILL downgrade to windows 7 (This is A FACT, not an opinion, here's why, I tested it out with 10 people, showing them Windows 8 RP on a virtual machine and let them use it and ALL of them are VERY disappointed about metro start menu). In addition to those 10 people that I tested with, the majority of users in this forum feel the same way.

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For desktop users, forcing them to use metro start menu is totally insane. It seems people are not able to comprehend a simple fact. User's "First impression" is probably one of the most important factor to determine the success of a new design. Yes I know, if you spent hours or days on Metro and eventually you'll eventually get "used to" it.
Hours or days? Good god man no wonder you disliked it.. It takes me 20minutes tops, in fact no longer than it took me to configure my win 7 start menu.

Hours or days? Good god man no wonder you disliked it.. It takes me 20minutes tops, in fact no longer than it took me to configure my win 7 start menu.
Right on lol, I don't see anyone spending that much time getting used to Metro. We're talking about basic stuff here, Apps are explained by words like "weather" that means you click on it to check your weather. And "desktop" that means you click it to go to desktop like in other windows versions. Its pretty basic stuff, easy to read words. And by the way, Microsoft Windows is the most popular software company out there so i'm sorry but your wrong on that one. More people in this world use Windows and Microsoft products then any other software brand, I'm talking about Apple and Linux. Even more so is their massive support by Hardware and software manufacturers. All software is mainly written for Windows like games and programs, all hardware drivers are run best under Windows also, like Intel, Amd and many others.
Windows is a world wide brand name and will never lose mass popularity, Its human to make mistakes (Vista) though. But atleast they correct them (Vista) Unlike Other OS's. Apple wants money, Linux needs better compatibility for windows software and more long term support. I don't how many linux systems I had that went belly up and ended support, some I really liked but now cant download any updates or software because they shutdown. Everything comes back to Windows because we trust them and they are there to meet our everyday needs. Its a fact of life in past, present, and future generations.


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I've been using Windows 8 CP from Day 1 on 02/29, and clean installed RP on the 1st day of it's availability also. Except for very important things, it's my default OS (RP). It certainly is different from prior versions of Windows, but not all is bad.

First off, both versions runs using less CPU usage than Windows 7 does. My desktop PC (see specs in sig) is by no means a powerhouse, yet Windows 8 CP/RP performs much better on it. Many who bought low-spec computers since Windows 7's release (yes, there's lots of them) can benefit from this performance gain.

Secondly, although one has the choice to, & I exercised this, one doesn't have to install AV/AM software, as Windows Defender is said to be better than MSE. Still, one should at least have one extra malware program, such as MBAM, offered in Free & Lifetime Pro options, installed.

My issue with Windows Defender is this, updating is not what one would expect of a stable & proven AV app. Virus/malware writers doesn't stand still, neither can the user's protection. Normally, I run ESET Smart Security 5, along with MBAM Pro, but my activations of my current install of ESS 5 has ran out until 02/13, so I'm using the next best free security app, Avast 7 Free. It has streaming technology, keeping the user protected between definition updates, which takes place several times per day. WD doesn't update as frequently as I'd like to see, & one cannot install MSE on Win 8 (CP or RP).

Windows 8 RP has a lot to offer it's users, the thing is, one has to want it in order to accept the changes made. While there's some who are content with Windows 7, which is perfectly fine, as it is a proven OS, there's others who are "afraid of change". Who expects everything to be like it was years ago & remain that way. Time & technology doesn't stand still, sooner or later, all Windows users will be using whatever new interface in place when their Windows 7 computer is worn out beyond repair.

And while I do use VM's, this isn't the optimal test environment for a beta OS. An old hard drive, which most of us probably has laying around somewhere, is the best way to test the OS. And run it daily for web viewing, forum posting & other non-critical things, for schoolwork & business, continue to use your stable version of Windows for this. Never, I repeat never, replace your stable OS (even XP) with a beta OS.

Windows 8 RP does have a lot to offer, but the users of it must accept the fact that times are forever changing, & computing is no exception to the rule.


Joeb123 you are wrong. Industries change everyday. I have learned that people that fight the change get left behind and then when they have no choice they learn. Windows8 is a learning curve but if marketed right with the right help people will migrate to it. Windows 7 users will probably be the last to change but they will after support is ended for it. As with any beta , RC it is put out there so those of us who have to can have a heads up per say so when it hits the retail market we can service our customers. I know many people that have windows xp still and dont want to move foward.

A friend of mine is like that so what i did was offer him a free install of windows 7 with an agreement that if he didnt like it i would put xp back on it for him. If he did like it he would pay me for the disk. That was a year ago after 1 month i asked him if he wanted to go back to xp he said no way and paid me. I expect windows 8 will be the same way. Vista was the only mistake microsoft made and it seems they have learned from it. I just personally dont like windows 8 but i will get used to it is a fact of life its either that or linux and the support for windows programs on linux is always spotty or poor performance.

What, getting used to it? Doesn't take long, @ all. And, definitely nobody is "forced" to use the so-called "Metro" Start. Personally, I just kept a very few tiles (could, really, have nothing but, Desktop) & never visit Start... do everything on or from Desktop... THERE IS CHOICE!

The idea that Win8 Start is an obstacle or a moat & impenetrable wall around the castle (the rest of the OS) is absolute rubbish.



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I think, to some extent, what a lot of people seem to be missing or perhaps ignoring is the small, more subtle changes in the OS as it transitions from being Windows 7 "Like", in the Developers Preview to what it is becoming as we get closer to an RTM.
What we are getting or apparently going to end up with, is an OS that is generally more powerful, faster and capable than any other previous Windows Release. BUT;
Has been dumbed down and uglied up simply to sustain its' cross platform useability.
Those things that we've come to know and love about the Windows Operating System, that made it attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, that made you say WOW, that was artfully conceived and presented, are all slowly being removed from the OS in the interest of preserving CPU cycles and battery life and to address potential graphic demands and possible associated heat issues on and for portable devices.
So you spend a small fortune on your rig, get the motherboard, cpu, memory, graphics and audio card that you've always wanted and saved frugally to acquire. And on that enviable collection of hardware, you apply an Operating System that looks like it pre-dates Windows XP (see windows 3.1 program manager).
No more glass, transparency, gradient (Aero) effects, no more rounding of corners, everything is a stark squared off, all white, 90 degree world of no more WOW.
Is it seemingly fast as hell? Yes it does seem so. But I would submit that XP on the same hardware would seem blazing (but I digress).
To summarize, less is in this case probably more, at least from and efficiency / performance standpoint. BUT;
My desktop is not a cell phone. It's not even a tablet / slate. It's a 426 Hemi Plymouth Roadrunner and while it runs fine with an all black paint job, the racing stripes, spoiler, shaker hood, chrome mag wheels and a bit of flame at the wheel wells, adds something to the experience.
Do I need or even want an OS that was designed for a Dodge Dart? Am I in fact moving forward?
Microsoft has its' work cut out for it with Android in the Mobile Phone market and iPad in the Tablet market. Angering its' meat and potato desktop users market with an OS that was and is not intended to get the most from a desktop environment is probably not a very judicial approach.

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Trouble you are right and i like the way you put it in terms of cars. In playing around i dont like no start button and it does take me longer to find things i have taken for granted like widows 7 back up and restore. When i tried it in windows 8 it said that insert a usb drive a certain size or bigger and that all other info on that drive will be lost......... That made me re consider some attributes of windows 8. I keep a spare hard drive or two in my desktop and i have a couple external usb hard drives but none i want to lose all info on.
After i build a computer and before i hand over to customer i put a back up on the spare hard drive i always include in the build. For my peace of mind i do show then how to make a back up and delete the old back ups so they dont lose data. For added security i have a slew of external hard drives with folders on them under the customers name with the original back up of there system so if for any reason they dont keep up with back ups and have a failure that needs me to restore it i have my own personal back up of theirs so i dont have to start over from scratch.
I dont build alot of computers like i used to now i only do about 35 to 50 a year when i first started i did that many in a month.

I dont think windows will see a mass exodus from windows 7 to 8. Was tired of XP so i changed to beta vista and used it because of the visual effects then stayed with it when windows 7 came i was ready so did the beta and RC of it and so had a retail copy of it before it when retail by about 3 weeks signed by steve too so i always thought that was pretty kool. So now i am on windows 7 typing this and cant think of one reason to change to windows 8 except i will have to work on it for others. Seems like a good time to spend more time with grandkids then mess with the newest OS out there.


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Trying to get a sense of what seems to be transpiring with the Desktop Version of Windows 8? It finally hit me.
I am a Smart Phone beta tester for Windows Phone 8

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As Microsoft themselves have announced: If your using Windows 7, with all the aero and glitter, then one might not want to upgrade to Windows 8.
So if your happy with Windows 7 then stay with it, to use a os one simply dislikes is not going to make your day a happy one.. :)

I didn't expect it but, I have Aero w/ the RP; @ least, the transparency part, still & more.


I didn't expect it but, I have Aero w/ the RP; @ least, the transparency part, still & more.

Yea I like still having it, I hope it stays like this.

One of the best parts to WIN8 is still having some Aero left with transparency, the desktop looks very awsome with high res pictures and gadgets going. Colors can be blended with Aero transparency to look very nice. If MS takes this away, I believe you will see more advanced users like me modding the release preview to support all of their needs. Removing the timebomb and using this build will be a popular choice among Tech users and modders. One thing I've seen in the advanced user sections of forums is that if a build is popular among users then they will do work arounds and fix things themselves to serve their needs. I don't believe this RP version will fade out of view. Alot of people like how this was made and will not approve of anything else that does not resemble RP.

It's, really, hard to say or predict how this OS release will pan out. Whatever happens will be interesting. It will make a big impact from how many, how quickly, get past the Start screen & realize there IS choice and that they can work, nicely & exclusively @, on & from the good ole desktop AND not be switching screens, constantly.

Right now that is being a huge bone of contention to & for people. It is a poser what impedance this may be & when greater awareness will take things for a turn.

Certainly, there is no obligation, this fall, to move from an in-use OS to Windows8. Some will, just cus... ; some just happen to need or want a new machine @ that time.
And then there are those will end up using 8 sooner or later, @ home or @ work just things are a continuum. Things come n go, OSs, computers, people, cars, TVs, Premiers, horse. Kids grow up & gotta have the latest stuff. Or next year some kid is starting college & must have/buy one... attrition, it's going to be 8.

Sooner or later the noise, hype, myths, will be old news. Keep or have an open mind. Whatever feedback, input, polls, surveys, 2 things come into play, tolerance & acceptance. It's a mystery who is to blame (if Folks don't like it), responsible (if ppl DO like it), who gets credit, who makes decisions... is it MS or Users or business or culture or youth or society or ourselves. But, does it matter cus, ultimately, it is & it will be what it is, no matter what an individual thinks or prefers. Best is to learn, discover and, if possible, help others. To go through, every time an OS is released or about to be, having a chip on one's shoulder, bashing, gripping & complaining seems so old... @ the end of the day, be there excitement or dismay, there's an(other) OS to use, know & teach.

But, that's the beauty & intent of betas... the advanced chance & opportunity to check things out & voice things



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The more I use W8 and explore what it does & can do, the more I like it.

I am old enough to remember when we got our first computer at our little office (1982), and we have come a long way in the past 30 years. However some people hesitate to leave their "comfort zone" and try new ways of doing things. And not everyone today works at a desk with a 27" monitor!

I bought a Samsung series 7 slate tablet PC with 11.6" screen because I needed a new laptop & wanted another (1) tablet with handwriting recognition. (2) Needed a Windows o/s to run several programs that were not going to run on an iPad or Android tablet (maybe some day in the future?) and (3) something very light and portable. Love the touchscreen and my stylus!

If I were going out today to purchase a new desktop for my office, I'd probably opt for one of the new "all-in-ones" with a touchscreen and a normal keyboard. So the article is wrong - there are multitudes of us out here who welcome Windows 8 so we can better utilize some of the innovative hardware available.

Like the nursery rhyme about the "little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead", when W8 is good, it is very, very good, but when it is "bad" (as any operating system can be on occasion), it is horrid. My vote for W8 is that it is GOOD, very, very good and I look forward to the improvements and tweaks that are coming.

Yes, JBK, we hear/read heaps of bad much not deserving attention, but, indeed, actually there are many who feel as you; and rightly so... a big determining factor is attitude.


As we look at the many form factors, a few things come to mind which are portability, size, battery life, OS easy to use, and cpu gpu power. Microsoft most throw all these things into one system that will be easy to use on a number of different machines. Thus crushing its new competitors of the tablet market in which it enters. Microsoft should be no stranger to tablet devices since it has made previous versions of windows tablet compatible. And it seems to me these systems can work just fine, take IMB for instance, they made a tablet laptop known as the x41 and has a pen stylus for touch input with winxp tablet edition. And in theory I feel a pen is much more accurate then your finger and more precise. So, given all this, I feel Metro is just there for information. The real focus should be on the work they are doing to improve hardware and improve software compatibility. They should tone down Aero for better performance but should still leave us transparency because we all grew to love it. They should take polls to see how the people feel about taking certain features away, and listen more to peoples feelings on what they want. The desktop should always stay because look at how many years microsoft spent improving it, why scrap it in future versions of windows like 9 and 10? It would be a great shame to lose it. My best times have been based on using windows, but I've also had some of the worst times too. Hopefully this version of windows will bring back the good times, It has with Win8 RP. Lets see if it lasts when final release is here.


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Windows 8 is neither good nor bad. But for the desktop it is pretty useless. On a tablet that may be another story.


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Well said Wolfgang.
Good or Bad, love it or hate it. I suspect we are going to be stuck with it for a couple years so I guess we'll learn to tolerate it.
Still seems a bit nonsensical, having a cell phone OS, underpinning my desktop. I suspect the server version is a real hoot as well.

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