Windows 8 I cannot update

I try to update Windows 8 and I cannot. I have stuck with 19 updates on my list. Windows seem installs the updates but when I reboot the Windows 8 states that cannot configure the new updates (around 35% in the process) and reverts the changes. It doesn't provide an error code.
So far I have tried unsuccessfully the following:

1. Use the Windows update repair tool
2. Use the Windows update repair from control panel.

3. Use the method with DISM command etc
4. Various popular registry cleaners.

You can see the list of updates that I cannot install in the attachment.

Besides trying reinstalling Windows is there anything else out there? Your help much appreciated.


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If you haven't tried it already, try downloading 4 or 5 updates at a time.

Thank yuou. Unfortunately I tried that too and is not working.

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