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Oct 28, 2012
Hi everyone,

I was wondering what if any customization's can be made to the start screen. I know about pin/unpin and larger/smaller but out of curiosity has anyone found ways to update the background image, or maybe add shortcuts that don't appear in the actual "All Programs" listing?

Just curious, thanks for any information you can provide.
Change background: Charms Bar, Settings, Change PC Settings, Personalize Tab, Start Screen.

You can try to right click on anything and see if there is a Pin To Start.
This is my home screen!


if you open up the charms, by placing the cursor top or bottom right of the screen, click on the cog or settings and then change pc settings.
Make sure your on the tab of Personalise and then click the middle setting, Start screen. You'll then see the screen shown in the screen shot below. Arrowed are the available back drops which of course change slightly depending on the colour used.


Yes, one can Rk Clk on something & Pin to Start BUT,

If a person doesn't want heaps of Tiles on Start any of those same things can be told to be a desktop shortcut. If one doesn't want a pile of icons on the desktop, tell them not to show & they will all be accessible via the Desktop Toolbar.

Aside from that Ross has shown where/how to customize the Start screen's appearance. Plus there is sizing & grouping of Tiles.

Myself I prefer to just have a window on the Taskbar holding the content of WinQ, then I can just stay on Desktop (instead of using Start & Tiles).

I just accidently deleated a tile from my start page (just got the computer) and this my first time working with Windows 8. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?

Yes, I can. Ideally I would like to know which one; but, just go to Win+Q, find the item wanted, Rt Clk & select "Pin to Start" to put 'its' Tile on that Start screen.


Rt Clk on Start & on the resultant Bar @ the bottom of that screen hit All Apps icon @the right end & then do the same as I have described above.

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