BSOD for some reason, pc works fine in safe mode.

Ok DW worked to get rid of the services but when I rebooted i got the BSOD Critical error again.

Dumps attached..

Thanx :)


In safe mode, go to the Program Files folder (check Program Files x86 folder too) and delete the whole MyWinLocker folder(s).

Then type msconfig in the start menu and press enter. Go to services tab. Check the box to "Hide all Microsoft services".

Now there will probably be at least one MyWinLocker service there. Use DameWare to delete it like you did the others.

Once you are at least fairly sure there are no MyWinLocker stuff left, reboot and test.

You could also use Ccleaner to clean the registry too.

Ok did all that, no MWL in msconfig. ran registry crawler and removed all instances of MWL.

MWL folder is locked and cant delete the files. see screen.

Rebooted and still critical error :(


Can you post a screen shot of msconfig services tab, while Microsoft services are hidden, please?

In the meantime, you can try to take ownership of the files (and give yourself rights as shown in the link) then delete them:

Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

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Screen shots :)

took ownership, still can delete :(


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Use DameWare to delete the NTI service shown.

? :)

dont see one :)

It's the one highlighted in blue in the left screen shot.

In DameWare, it might begin with an "I" as shown there.

K uninstalled NTI and ran ccleaner.

BSOD critical error :(

Alright, for a test, go to msconfig. On the general tab, click the radio button to do a diagnostic statup. Click ok then reboot. When it gets to normal mode well and fine, post new screen shots of the services tab, please. (With MS hidden again.)

Ok did all that I have no network access anymore in safe mode :(

Network card says all is running fine

#32 you're in normal mode now? Please post the new services tab screenshots with MS hidden, as I've said. :)

LOL im not in normal mode as it still BSOD. I am in safe with NO network access so I cant post screens :(

What happened when you tried the diagnostic startup?

starts up in Normal the BSOD critical error :(

Wow, yeah...then that MyWinLocker is really causing major issues.

There are really only 2 choices here:

1) Clean install Windows without a format. It will put everything currently on the drive in Windows.old folder at root. Hit the Windows Key + Pause key, write down the activation key so you have it for the new install.

2) Boot to free Knoppix disc and clear the machine of all MyWinLocker files, as was not able to do so before:

LOL fun stuff huh. here is a screen of my BSOD

gonna try Bart-PE or hirens.... wish me luck :)


Yep lol....fwiw, that MWL is notorious. Users don't know that version 3 is incompatible with Windows 7 so they go ahead and install it anyhow.

Once the machine is entirely cleared of that, it should be well. Notice that there are no longer any 0x50 NTFS stop errors since deleting the MWL drivers (bsods.)

Ok booted off hirens and deleted the folder. x fingers

no go still BSOD :(

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In safe mode, you can try opening Regedit. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services

Delete any NTI and MyWinLocker entries if found. It's a little tough because they could be named anything that is not obvious, but maybe you could easily find them instead and get lucky.


Or after trying that, install MyWinLocker 4 from their website. Maybe it will overwrite with new information and cause things to be well, since 4 is compatible.

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