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I have a windows 10 laptop and I got it at some point in 2018. I don't remember the password or the pin to the administrator account, and I don't have access to the email account associated with it (I have tried to get back in to that email and I can't) Luckily, I have a separate account on the laptop, but it doesn't have admin privileges, so I can't do anything on it.

I filled out a form on Microsoft website, and got a response that they were unable to verify me as the owner, despite using the laptop that I used to register the Microsoft account in the first place. And I tried to fill out a new form and got the same automated response - and I know it was automated because it told me in the email that it was an automated response.

I have tried to reset the laptop but it tells me that it can't because I need to free disc space; which I cannot do without the password and pin.


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I suggest contacting Microsoft Support and explaining your situation in those exact words. However, much of Support is in India.

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Seems like a tricky situation. Unfortunately, cases like this are all too common. Agreed that contacting Microsoft Support directly is the best option. As far as I know, there's nothing you can do from the separate account that will unlock admin privileges for you.
It is indeed possible to change the password through the verification of the Microsoft account,if it is invalid, you can also complete the password reset disk.