High Memory/Disk usage

I've read a million posts on this, none of which have aided me on the slightest.

As seen here, my memory and disk usage are insanely high, with no discernible reason as to why. This is the case essentially all the time, and it's perplexing to say the least.
In this screenshot, you can see what's troubling me about my memory usage. The system is acknowleging that I have 8.0 GB of RAM installed, yet is at a very high percentage with only 3.6 GB in use. Also, above the data graph, is shows that only 4GB of the RAM is in application, with 4GB of RAM being displayed at "Hardware Reserved" in the bottom right. I would adore some support on this issue as it's been plaguing me, and perhaps through resolving one of my issues I may resolve the other.
Thank you!


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what causes 100% disc usage on wx systems;
  • at boot time (upto 3mins after) this is normal Windows sorting what software gets loaded into ram and what background apps run.
  • during normal operation (after boot systems have run their scans) this would be a lot of background apps; Adobe updater, Microsoft cortana, apps such as the windows store | or you have more main programs running than ram (+ hdd spin speed) installed can handle i.e, you have Doom going at the same time as skype and textaload.
  • malware
your basic options are in order;
  1. put up with it,
  2. run a anti-malware scan over the system,
  3. stop running so many background apps | programs,
  4. get a faster harddrive for your system sshd or ssh,
  5. increase the system ram,


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Well I believe all of your issues are stemming from the Hardware reserved 4GB. Because of that your system has only the 4GB available and because of that your system is most likely swapping data in and out of memory A LOT and this equates to high disk utilization.


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  • Press [Windows key + r] and type msconfig
  • Go to the Boot tab and click on Advanced options
  • If Maxium memory is checked, uncheck it and press OK
  • Check the box "Make all boot settings permanent"
  • Click Apply then OK and reboot


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it would be odd to have max-memory checked but yes thats an interresting catch


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I wonder whether you should see swapping as "hard page faults" in Resources of the Taskmanager? That could help.

B.t.w. I once solved this by creating a new account (maybe escaped is a better word, I could not solve it)



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I've also seen this happen when you have incompatible memory in a system. As you add more, more is marked as "hardware reserved"


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It uses only 4GB of the available 8GB, hence it may be a 32bit version of Windows.
But it also calls the memory type as "Other", it may be incompatible (as Neemobeer suggests)

Is there a special process which is consuming all those resources? No update being installed?

Try creating a new user and see whether it also takes that much of resources and you know whether it is related with the account or related with Windows.

What are your system specs (manufacturer, type, additons you made, which Windows..)?

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Bochane has a point, can you verify that you are running Windows 64 bit?
32 bit Windows can only use a little under 3GB of ram.


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