love 7 but many problems arise

well i dont want to seem rude towards all you helpers here and i realy liked 7, last night i unfortunately
had to revert on XP :p (and i dont like it anymore hehe)

but regarding burn speed, before i installed home premium which was burned at 7x, i also burned ultimate
on 4x and had it installed before home premium, as on home premium i had major troubles with ultimate,
some things started to dissapear, had some weird side effects... so i thought maybe beacuse ultimate was
full of everything maybe was too much for my config so i went on home premium

none of both were tried do "crack", i had them both on 30 day evaluation period
non of them were modified

to who give blame, i dont know, but would sound stupid that configuration which is OK
to run OS would produce such weirdness...

as regarding constant formatting drive and trying clean installs... well as user who wants to use OS
thats realy a hassle :p think all of you can understand "user wants to install OS and have it working"

dont know what else to say... i'm sad for those glitches but they realy made usage of 7 (to me) hard...
with 100% cpu consuming i wasnt able to run simplest program without "lag"
with all those others glitches i mentioned, it made OS half-usable -_-

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Sorry we couldn't help you at this time.... Please post again if you need support...:)

no need to apology :)
i thank you all, its good forum and fast support.


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I wonder if the windows programs that you downloaded were any good.
I have never heard of 30 day evaluations nor have I heard of a Home Premium evaluation RC.
Where did you download them from?
Did you Pay for them?
apart from the original Officia Microsoft download of RC for Windows 7 Ultimate I would not trust any of the other offered downloads. I knowm there are a lot about and others have used them.
Anyone like to comment on this please

err until WinOS is activated it is in its evaluation mode, 30 day limit. (without rearm)

the only difference between RTM (which i had from MSDNAA) and RC/Beta
is that RTM does not display how many days user has in winver and no tag on desktop
only in system it says how many days user has left...

but this you know :p

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