Need help deciding on 2 components for new pc build


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C:ssd 1, D: had and E: ssd2. CD is actually my magicJack.
I uninstalled Asset to Corsa and DiRT Rally and installed Project Cars 2, so ssd1 gained some room and is out of the red now.


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c: Nvme 256GB d: 500GB SSD e: 3TB spinner and z: 3TB spinner


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Nvme Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, SATA Samsung 850 EVO 1TB and W>D. Black 2TN. h.d.d..
The 2 ssd's will be updated to 0TB Samsung's and shortly after I'll think about a newer bigger usb external h.d.d. and a bigger internal h.d.d..
Next month I'll get the RTX 2080 S and coolant for my water cooler.
September's gonna be break month. spending wise, as I only have a new u.s.p.s. planned.
I figure October, November and more than likely will go towards the 4K monitor.
January-March for the 2 ssd's.
The h.d.d.'s are no rush items for me now.