Need help deciding on 2 components for new pc build


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That's most certainly not a good idea, the dems are at least less evil.


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Dem's at least care about Health Care.
My father was retired military, so I have almost 52 year's experience with the republican's and health care.They don't give a s**it about health care.
I have experience of about 40 years now with the diabetes and the military doctor's are the reason I'm on Social Security Disability now for not prescribing the correct types of insulin and not doing all the proper testing that they should've done to me.
Let's just say my medical records could fill 3 or 4 books easily.


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I need some advice on this one, as I've never hooked a tv to a pc.
I'm gonna need to get a new desk no matter what monitor or tv I get as any are gonna be 27" or this 4K tv which is 55".
Current stuff my pc is on is more like a mini entertainment center rather than a desk and my current 21.5" is about as much as can fit on it, as there's wood on both sides of the monitor.
Camera for some reason stopped working in Windows 10 about 2 month's ago and I don't feel like doing a clean install now, as my arms & legs have been cramping up a lot more often lately.
My tests for more stents in my neck, arms, lower abdomen and both leg's isn't until October 17th and my follow-up appointment is the 24th, so I'm figuring from the 25th - 31st for the rest of the stents I know I'll be getting.
Anyway the 4K 27" monitor is around $1,000.00 + tax and this 4K tv is $600.00 + tax, so it sounds like a better deal.
TV link: TCL 55" Class 6-Series 4K QLED Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV - 55R625