[SOLVED]Sound not coming from headphones

Hi everyone

Two issues.

I am experiencing something strange with my sound. When I click on the volume notification icon, I see two volume mixers like this:

How do I change it so that I only see one? I just want to be able to have Windows play sound through my speakers when there are no headphones plugged in, and through my headphones when they are plugged in. This is how I've always seen it in Windows and I don't understand what these two mixers do.

No sound through headphones

At the moment, I can't play any sound through my headphones. The sound is playing through my speakers only. Have I done something wrong?

Here are two more screenshots, if that helps:

Any help at all would be so much appreciated! My sound was working fine a few days ago but I think that after I lent my laptop to a friend, they changed some settings around and I don't understand what's happening.

Thank you so much :)


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it looks like the headset has the incorrect settings with 'Default communication device'.

Try highlighting it with your cursor and see if the 'set default' button becomes available below.

If it does click on the arrow and set it to default only.

I'm not sure if this will make the headset the only default device or not but if it does simply highlight the speakers and set them to default.

Of course there's always 'system restore' but that seems a little heavy handed at the moment. Let us know how you get on.

Hi kemical

Thanks so much for your reply!

This might sound like an extreme rookie question - but you're referring to the second icon when you say "headset", yes?

Hi there

I've changed my settings to the below. I now have no sound in either my speakers (when headphones are not plugged in) or through my headphones when they are plugged in.

I didn't realise that sound could be this complicated!

Thank you so much!


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that's not good... Did you try to reconfigure the speakers or set them as default device again (simply to refresh any settings)

Hmm when you plug the headset in do you see an icon appear on the taskbar? You might be able to right click on this icon and click 'remove' device'. See if that removes the headset from sound.

Can you also post the make and model of your system as well as headset used thanks.

Check Device manager too, look for any yellow question marks.

kemical - I've checked the Device Manager and can't find anything. I think that if I fiddle around with the mixer for the Speakers/Headphones, it seems to work?

I've also disabled the headphones device and I think it seems to be working - for the moment, at least! Thanks so much for your help :)

Thanks for such a awesome thread here. I was stuck with same problem of headphones. Thanks. :D

1.It's about the wrong setting, I forgot how to solve it , you can google it, and it's simple to solve it.
2.Sometimes it's caused by the drivers. Maybe you should updata the drivers, or uninstall it and reinstall it again!

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