Win7 Freezes randomly

Hi, I did a clean install of Windows 7 x64 about a week ago and have been having the freezing problem as well. Here are my system specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3Ghz chip
Asus P5KC motherboard
4 Gigs of Corsair DDR2 XMS2 ram
BFG 7900 GT 512MB GDDR3 Video Card

Like everyone else it started out great. Then Windows installs the updates and it starts freezing every 5 minutes. I have read through the whole thread here, tried the power fixes, bios settings and driver fixes, I reformatted and reinstalled windows multiple times, uninstalled my anti-virus program, took out some of my ram (because of possible conflicts with the vid card), got rid of all but the essential programs for me. My event log currently has 44 errors and critical events ranging from dns client time outs to print service issues. I am trying very hard not to go into a full on rant about Microsoft right now but I am really frustrated! Especially since there are so many possiblilities about what could be causing the problem!

Thanks for all of the guys offering help here. Please, if you have any ideas let me know before I do the unthinkable and change my loyalties!

Then Windows installs the updates and it starts freezing every 5 minutes.
Time fo focus on those updates... what exactly is being updated? Can you do the updating one thing at a time till you identify what is throwing the wrench in the gears?

What device is it installing everytime? Even if it thinks you have a floppy drive I'm pretty sure windows can't touch your bios to add it. Make sure it's not selected in your bios.

You may need to clear your bios.. sounds like windows may be getting a phantom device detected.
Was able to disable the floppy drive from bios, so windows doesn't install it anymore everytime I boot up. However, the issue's still there and I get random crashes when using a browser. Happens with all browsers and everything just freezes. After that I'm forced to reboot.

Edit: I was also able to find out something new. I tried Opera as my browser and found out that while it was running on the background the system crashed while on idle just after a couple of minutes. When using Chrome the system doesn't crash while on idle but crashes while I'm browsing. :/

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Your issue is NOT a windows 7 issue. If your computer freezes in BIOS then you have either a firmware issue or a hardware issue. Motherboard, Memory, etc. Good luck.

Well guys, I had the same problem as Kris. This post from hHardy solved my problem: , quote:

"I had success in fixing my "freezing" problem. I noticed that the NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller drivers were located underneath the IDE ATA/ATAPI heading in my device manager. I updated these driver with windows searching automatically and they updated and were then located under the Storage Controllers heading in device manager. My CD drives had been a little sporatic and this fixed that issue and now my computer has been up for 36hrs with no freezing in Windows 7!"

The automatical windows search told me that all drivers are actual, so I tried installing the VISTA-drivers from CD and now everything works great, no freezes anymore.
I just have registrated to propose this solution, hope it works for u guys too, good luck...

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If your bios are freezing I'd say it probably has to be a memory/processor problem. Try testing each stick of memory individually and see if it stops freezing with one or the other. I'm no expert though. :p
I agree!
It is a hardware problem
Also agree with trying one stick of Memory at a time.
This can be Video Card, Motherboard, processor related.
You can try disconnecting the harddrive cable and see if it boots to bios ok.
If you have an internal video on the motherboard you can try removing the video card from the motherboard and enabling the on board graphics with monitor hooked to it.


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Like everyone else here my Win7 freezes (actually only the display, keyboard and mouse freeze ; the sound is still functional and the network too) but never on a regular basis.

My specs :
Intel Core I7 940
Asus P6T Deluxe
6 Gigs Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz
NVidia GTX 285 1Gb

Previously I had a Vista Ultimate 64 installed (and no issue). I made a clean install (Win 7 Ultimate 64) and updated all the drivers with the Win7 versions from the manufaturers. Almost everything is running smoothly most of the time and the freezing occurs mostly when I'm trying to watch a video (but not always and it happens with various media players). My PC is running 24/7 and it freezes no more than once or twice a day (but more often if I'm trying to play a video file). I've tried all the fixes suggested earlier in the thread but nothing worked so far. I'm suspecting a video driver issue - I've had other issues with Nvidia drivers on other machines (Vista and XP). I have an older Athlon 64x2 running Win7 too and it's not freezing (but the video card is an ATI 4850 with no updated drivers). But I've used this Athlon to test the WIn 7 Release Candidate. I tested it with the ATI card but also with a NVidia video card and never got the freezing issue.

And all the logs are OK (except for post-reboot warnings and some minor events).

When I read the posts I have the feeling it turns out to be a driver issue but which one? Video seems the most likely but why is it freezing the keyboard?

If I find something useful I'll keep you posted.

When hardware/drivers for on device hangs, kb, mouse and anything else is stuck waiting on what ever hung up the system. Probably those are only symptoms and not the cause of the freezing. Since you have made several video card tests I would suspect bios needs new firmware.

You have turned off indexing and done the speed tweaks? The sometimes show improvements.


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the latest issue I had was the nVidia driver would stop working every 3-5 days then recover.
the screen went black a couple of times and W7 told me it had recovered and everything seemed fine till the next time.
nVidia suggested installing a driver 195.... which was not the "latest" one by way of their search. (191...)
I got it via a link that nVidia sent. I don't know if it is on their search list yet.

So far it hasn't stopped - about 4 days now.


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Windows 7 crashing

I have been able to resolve some of my problems and reduce the freezing and crashing:
I disabled all 3rd party programs from start-up.
I unplugged all my USB devices except my back-up hard-drive printer for which I was able to get a Windows 7 driver.
I updated all the Drivers for my PC from tthe HP website (unfortunately there is no Win 7 driver at this stage for my Compaq monitor which may be why I am still getting freezes )
I ran a disk diagnostics and repair

If I use software which is not Win 7 compatible or use a USB device that does not have a Win 7 driver I usually shut down and restart after as I know I will have a problem if I don't ( a pain but it won't take too long for Win 7 drivers to be available)
I have had to upgrade my MS Outlook and my financial package (MS Money which is now discontinued so have to move to Quicken) so I have had unexpected expense, but both of those programs were causing crashes and listed as incompatible when I ran a report.

I also find when the PC goes to sleep it takes a very long time to unfreeze when I return to it and I have learned to be patient. This could be becausue my monitor is working with the incompatible driver but I am no expert.

After a very frustrating 2 weeks on Win 7 I am slowly coming out of the worst times. Maybe instead of spending all this money getting Win 7 together (including getting a so-called "expert" to install it at great expense) I should have moved to the Mac!!) :confused: :mad:


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24 hour without freezing let's hope ....



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comp froze

Computer Froze Started it back up in Safe mode restarted and loaded Fine. It did it again and now it does not load Windows at all it just goes to a black Screen after Bios Load. I tried the Disk it came with but it don't load as well.

freeze problem found

After running W7 RC1 for many months without problem (AMD Phenom II 720 on ECS MB), I suddenly started having random and continuous freezes. It happened at any time, before and after screen shut down, and I lost mouse and keyboard control. Whatever was on the screen was still there. My wife started complaining about problems on her computer about the same time. She's running XP, AMD Phenom II 710 on Asus MB. Her main problem was dropping the connection to the wireless router and some lockups.

I started eliminating things at startup using msconfig. Nothing seemed to help. I realized that some things were still running even though I thought I had stopped them. I remembered that I had upgraded AVG from 8.5 to ver 9 (free edition) and so I uninstalled it.

Wow, the problem went away and I have been running for a week or so with zero lockup or freezes. I had loaded Microsoft Security Essentials at some point previously so they may have had a conflict.

I uninstalled AVG on my wife's computer and it is running reliably again. Both systems now have the Security Essentials software running but not AVG.

So after using AVG for years, I'm now afraid to reinstall it. It could just have been a conflict with Security Essentials or there could be some other compatibility issue.

Any help will do..

My laptop freezes during use since I upgraded to Windows 7. I have to do a hard reboot in order for the computer to work again..Is there a cure? very frustrating....

Windows 7 Random freezes too

I have the same issues. I just bought a brand new Alienware Aurora ALX and it freezes randomly. It just hard locks, no blue screen, no error messages and nothing in the event viewer. Also crashes with the audio frozen and keyboard lights turn off as well.... Not sure how im supposed to fix this shit.

Anyway, it mostly crashes in IE and After Effects CS4. I did notice it crashes when I use specific plug-ings, like Form. It could be that those plugins are not compatible with win 7...duh.

I friggen HATE Vista... SO im trying to stay away from it. I wish I could go back to XP 64, but they dont have drivers for my system, and the whole lack of support issue. I do like Win 7 i just wish it could determine incompatability before it installed shit that dont work. Like all my plugins. I'm sure thats the issue. Yes, I did do a compatabilty test before I installed it. Everything worked fine in Vista.

I just want to know if there is an app I can istall in win 7 that will tell me why its crashing....

Freeze fixed!!!

Okay I have done everything to figure this out. I reinstalled all DELL Win 7 drivers and played with many configurations....even updated the new BIOs that came out yesterday. I was just about to scrap windows 7... and I HATE Vista...SO, I open up my box and I noticed that the top piece of RAM was not seated properly... it was even sticking out a little. Yeah! THANKS TO ALIENWARE/Dell! :mad:

So I reseated it and booted back up the machine and tried my renders again and it still froze the machine. IT must have cooked the ram! So finally, I just pulled out that stick of RAM and now it WORKS!!! NO MORE FREEZING! I rendered 10 movies in AE CS4 without a hitch. Its been going all day!
I am praying that was it. I just have to send back this RAM and get it replaced! Hopefully I dont have to send back the entire machine! SO MUCH LOST TIME DEALING WITH THIS SHIT!

Hi, i am facing with the same kind of problem but unfortunatelly, there are some different things that happen in my case...
I've installed w7 on my laptop about 2 mounths ago and there were no such promlems, since last week (no restore points available). I've read and tried all solutions above, but nothing worked. Actually, there is no specific time when it got frozen. One time, it happened when i tried to open as many programs i can, in a short time, just after windows started. If one program is not responding (doesn't matter which one), shortly the taskbar is not responding too (busy pointer, when hover). Despite that, other programs still work for a few minutes including keyboard, and mouse, except functions like Ctrl+shift+esc. The single solution i've found is to turn off, and then back on the laptop... which i think is not recommended.
Laptop: intel P8400, 4 gig ram, ATI hd 3470
-runned ccleaner
avira antivirus
malwaresbytes anti malware
hijackthis-as i saw, nothing wrong
turned off indexing

Thank you in advance for any ideea...

I am having pretty much the same problem as everyone else.

System Specs -

E8500 @ 3.6GHz with Zalman CNPS9500A Cooler
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3
Seagate 7200.12 500GB
Corsair DDR2 4GB
Gainward 260GTX
Corsair TX 650W
Asus Xonar DS

The problem has only started recently. Randomly it would just completely freeze, I could be doing anything. This ranges from WoW to internet browsing to just switching songs on WMP. My mouse and keyboard would lock up, the sound would stop and be replaced with an annoying static sound as others have reported. This would force me to restart the system, only to have to do it again in 10minutes or 4 hours...

The only hardware changes I have made since were a new CPU cooler, HD and case fan. None of which could be the culprit since I had this issue with the old hard drive as well.

I have had no other programs installed compared to what I had 1 month ago when the system was fine. Ofcourse with the new hard drive I had to fresh re-install Win7 Pro, and I have scanned for a virus many times with AVG9.

I really am at a loss on what to do.. I may have to switch back to Win XP, something I really don't want to do as I was loving Win7.

The only change I can really remember since the problem started was replacing the CPU paste on my Motherboard and properly plugging my soundcard in, as before it wasn't connected properly. I will try taking my soundcard out tonight and seeing if the problem persists.

Any other ideas?:=

That sounds like a place to start. Some of my problems was a secondary internal harddrive that was loosing sectors. Once removed things are much better but I still get a hand every now and then (not frequent at all now) while browsing etc. I can wait about a minute or so and it will suddenly start working again. I have done a Memory check which you can find under Administrative tools (I believe that iswhat it is called) in the control panel.
It is a bit strange that so many report this problem after switching to Windows 7. Maybe Microsoft can look into this.
It might be that drivers written by manufacturers of different devices may not be quite right for proper operation with Windows 7.
We'll see.

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Im still crash free... :p RAM will do it anytime!

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